BRB UK 40: Undetectable Segue

Ahoy hoy! The chaps are feeling a bit middle-aged this week (well, two of them are) as BRB UK has hit the mighty milestone of 40! So join Dan, Jon and Tim as they try and convince themselves they’re still young at heart by getting stuck in to the week’s gaming news.

This week, we burble on about:

  • PlayStation Plus has some awesome offers for December:
    • Batman: Arkham City
    • LIMBO
    • Vanquish
  • Even more gaming goodness on Steam and the Mac App Store:
    • Super Hexagon (Steam)
    • Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic (Mac)
  • #1reasonwhy
  • Destiny details leak all over the intertubes
  • DmC: Devil May Cry – demo impressions (360)
  • Ratchet and Clank: Q Force / Full Frontal Assault
  • Hitman Absolution (360/PS3)
  • The Great British Debate: Will Destiny just be another Halo?

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  1. bigben

    The destiny quote is from the transformers animated movie, being the death cry of Unicron the planet eating big robot baddie. Ten nerd anorak points, and a cookie, belong to me I think.

  2. Zombellic

    Only half way thru the episode so far. I can sympathize with Jon’s lack of daylight I work 12 hour shifts on days I go to work when it’s dark and leave work when it’s dark. On nights I go to bed when it’s just getting light and wake as the sun is setting.

    I used to live in Kinloss (northern Scotland) In the summer it used to stay light until midnight and dawn was about 4am but in winter I used to watch the sun set at 1pm from my school classroom window which is probably the most soul destroying thing I’ve ever known.

  3. Badhaggis

    Hob Nobs are abominable biscuits, they are hideous horrible and untrustworthy.

    “Untrustworthy?” I hear you ask, and I would reply “Yes!”, you can be sitting down happily enjoying a nice cup of earl grey and when you go to take a chocolate digestive and eat it, only to realise too late that it is not the simple and honest digestive that you have come across, oh no.

    It is the foul and so called “Hob Nob” possibly named after the sounds you will make retching as you attempt to rid yourself of all evidence of this foul and dirty cardboard biscuit parody with all the texture and taste of wooden tea coaster that has somehow come uninvited into your life.

  4. Zombellic

    Seems to me that the destiny quote would be easily missed by anyone not in their mid-30’s having said that I’m of that age and watched the Transformers movie dozens of times when it first came out and I watched it again just last year after buying it for a bargain 99p. I guess I fail at nerdom.

  5. haneefama

    Just a quick (pedantic) point…
    Wasn’t it Roy Walker (a la Catchphrase..) who used the line about it being good but not right….Roy Castle would trumpet play, tap dance and sing about ‘dedication’…
    Maybe I need to check up on ‘Wonkypedia’…..
    Sorry, must get back to replaying GTA Vice City on iOS…
    Maybe I’m just showing my ‘middle age’…

  6. RidcullysHat

    Alot of nerd points awarded here. Great show chaps. Its good to see the ‘older’ gamer catered for somewhere. Being as I am one. Plus a splendiferous transformers reference!

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