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Don’t Judge The Wii U By The Launch Software

The WiiU may not have the grandest of launch lineups, but the software on offer is nothing to be scoffed at.

ZombiU – Launch Trailer

Prophecies of the apocalypse have come true, and zombies have infested all of London. Survive in anyway you can through this nightmare!

Battlefield 3: Aftermath – Launch Trailer

War wages into 4 brand new, earthquake ravaged maps, where you’ll have to traverse difficult terrain and avoid fire from modified urban vehicles and the new crossbow weapon. Aftermath also brings in the new Scavenger mode, where players will need to search high and low for for more powerful weapons in a fight for survival. […]

Trailer: Planetside 2 – Can Your FPS Do This?

Sony Online Entertainment have been bragging a lot about Planetside 2, but before you dismiss their free-to-play game as silly, they have one simple question… Oddly the question is not “Does your FPS have Dubstep in it?”

Mass Effect 3: Omega Trailer

Team up with Aria T’loak, and her Turian associate Nyreen Kandros, to take back Omega from Cerberus control, and come face to face with the Reaper-controlled Cerberus enemies, the Adjutant. Omega is set to be Mass Effect 3’s biggest DLC to date.–sg

Xi: Continuum – Teaser Trailer

 Xi: Continuum is the direct sequel to the 2009 alternate reality game Xi, which brought together a community passionate about wanting some more from the console-based title. This teaser trailer is our first glimpse into the sequel, which should offer an entirely unique gaming experience.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 – Official Gameplay Teaser

The first ever official gameplay trailer for Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, the only multi-platform FPS modern shooter exclusively designed around the sniper experience.

BRB Boom 31: Bell South

This week, Dogsdie, Smelly Pirate and Yoshifett nerd out about Wreck It Ralph, the Wii U, movies that ruin game franchises, the best games they never played, game modes that need to exist and other topics that affect today’s gamer.

BRB UK 39: Responsibly Sourced CoD

Unlike our good chums over in Americaland, us Brits aren’t attempting to eat our way out of a mountain of turkey – so it’s business as usual for the chaps of BRB UK.

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