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Win yourself a FREE copy of the BradyGames official strategy guide for the recently released Resident Evil 6. You may feel you have no hope left, but whether you are getting cross with Chris or lost with Leon, the BradyGames‘ guide has all the info you need to power through all the levels and achievements from the latest offering from the Resident Evil franchise.


All you need to do is answer the following simple question. The funniest or best answer will be chosen from any entry posted on this thread (front page or on the forums) before 12 Midnight on Monday 8th October. Entries are welcomed from any where in the world, but otherwise please note that standard BigRedBarrel Terms and Conditions apply and my decision will be final…unless I change my mind.

QUESTION: With part of Resident Evil 6 involving the President, Adam Benford, and with the Presidential debate on TV yesterday, I thought it was time to open up another very important debate. Who is/was the most evil US President of all time and why?

Serious political arguments will generally be ignored because…BOREDOM *yawns* Bonus points will be awarded for the funniest answers with the best/funniest explanations. Named President can be anyone who held office alive or dead, but can not be fictional, invisible or Superman’s nemesis.

Good luck!

Prize kindly supplied by LunchPR on behalf of BradyGames

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  1. Tony Sibley

    Abraham Lincoln without a doubt. Little known fact his first name was Harold and the evil H.A.L from 2001 A Space Odyssey was actually named after the evil president.

    I know you’re wondering what made him evil, most American’s think he was a good chap but it was the hat. Or rather what was under the hat. A small head growth from childhood once disguised with a small bandage, grew in later life and as it did so did the cover for it, culminating in the large hat we see him pictured with today.

    Years of bully both physical and mentally from those around him made him anxious and anger driven when the growth was on display. He had a split personality and was known to be quite vile when the growth was out as a means to hide his shame at such a hideous deformity. Rumoured that the popular Batman villain Two Face was named after Abraham but this has never been proven.

    The most infamous time he lost it was at an otherwise pleasant trip to the theatre. A young ice cream seller, Burt Renolds, knocked the hat off in a jovial manner trying to drum up sales. But in doing so exposed the monstrous wart and personality of Mr Lincoln. In an instant A.L stood up, grabbed the youth and took one huge bite out of the child’s face leaving very little of the original cheek and ear. Reports at the time suggested he cleanly bit the head off, perhaps in part because of the shame in which he found his own head. It was never proven either way but gave birth to the popular phrase and warning many a young child gets – “Careful, he’ll bite your head off”

    He’s a lot to answer for does that Abraham Lincoln!

  2. Kenneth Pereira

    Andrew Johnson became president after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and though those were both literally and metaphorically large shoes to fill, he did a particularly poor job of it: the Siena study ranks him as the third dumbest and all time worst president. Like Lincoln, he had no formal education, and like Reagan, his vocation (a tailor) is not one that is traditionally associated with smartness. Unlike either of them, he had no redeeming characteristics. Despite supporting Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War, he was the South’s most dogmatic and most bigoted proponent of slavery. Whether or not he was aware of the inherent contradiction, there was an ulterior motive for this union: the devious Johnson was trying to worm his way into the Oval Office (nothing to see here, ye dirty minds, move along). This motive was realized when he was announced as Vice-President in Lincoln’s successful 1864 presidential campaign. However, in dumbness par excellence, he appeared at the inauguration drunk, and his inaugural speech was cut short after he made abusive and inappropriate comments. His later presidency fared little better – stubborn and uncompromising, he alienated both parties and was eventually impeached.

  3. Tony Sibley

    Thanks twitter DM sent 🙂

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