Big Red Flix 38: The Cabin In The Woods (Part 2)

The leaves might be changing color outside, but Dave, Jitterbug and Yoshifett’s break down of The Cabin In The Woods continues! This is part two of three, so sit back and listen to the Flix crew fail, once again, to wrap it up in 2 episodes. Check back on BRB next week for part 3!

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  1. For some strange reason, the flix art has been replaced by the blu show artwork in iTunes. Just started listening though, I’ll get back to how amazing the episode is later, I’m sure!


  2. steamRobot

    I think you are right, Dana is indeed being foolish in her relationship with her teacher – love, or infatuation, will do that to a normally smart person. I’m not sure she is a fool in the traditional horror sense though, which is more of a joker, comedy relief. And Marty is clearly smart and quick witted too.

    The point is, as you say, they work with what they have and so the roles assigned to them are Virgin and Fool, aided by some chemical intervention. If you break that will the ‘gods’ be happy?

    I think the writings on the wall in the form of the carvings – horror conventions written in stone if you will.

  3. Jonathan Mendez

    This show has gone to hell since the Star Wars podcast. I used enjoy listening but now find you straight up annoying. Jiitterbug once my fav now a complete douche. Yoshi can’t stick to his original opinion ever and is always riding Jitterbug’s jock. The only redeeming factor is Dave, who doesn’t say much because Yoshi and JB drown him out, Also Yoshi for someone who goes on these long rants, you really don’t say much. I had stopped listening for awhile and only checked in because of the cabin in the woods. You’ve lost a fan for a second time.

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