Big Red Flix 29: Independence Day (Part 3)

Dave, Jitterbug and Yoshifett relentlessly whoop E.T.’s ass as their breakdown of the summer blockbuster, Independence Day, continues. The crew is back to their old Star Wars form (including a planet core moment) and recorded 4 awesome hours for this BKR (Be Kind Rewind). Check back on BRB next week for the exciting conclusion!

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  1. spikeychris

    about to listen to it but thought the hosts might appreciate this story.

    Just went to my local shop to buy some stuff and they had the radio on.  The advert that was on “Blockbuster has Battleship 3 weeks before lovefilm, netflix or anyone else.  So come on in and get your blockbuster membership now and walk away with battleship!”

    Never a good sign when they are using battleship in advertisements!   I MUST go in and get one now!

  2. spikeychris

    Listened to it now.  Dave said about strippers getting pay cheques.  It depends on where the work but most strip clubs in the Uk the majority of the money they make is from private dances and lap dances.  These get paid by the customer and the money goes to the house.  There is a set amount of money they need to make before they get any money called a floor fee the club charges them.  It can be anywhere from £50-100 in a small club to much higher in for example london.

    Some clubs if you don’t make your floor fee you still have to pay the club so a lot of strippers can work and actually have to pay the club money.  Pole dancing tips are just counted as tips.

    *used to go out with a stripper*

    One thing I will say 90% of strippers are not that attractive you usually have 1-2 very attractive girls who make most of the money in the club and the rest are usually fugly.

  3. I learn something new everyday! I think we should do Show Girls at some point in the future to salute the ladies that take their clothes off for our amusement… and dollars. I’ve always wanted to go to a Canadian strip club to see how coin $1 and $2 are presented.

  4. STRIPPER MOVIE MARATHON! Oh my God. That’s a great idea.

  5. spikeychris

    Jitterbug said
    STRIPPER MOVIE MARATHON! Oh my God. That’s a great idea.

    You could do zombie strippers that would make Yoshi even happier!

  6. zombiesauerkraut

    The only way the “Just tell them I punched you line” could have been more racially charged is if the guy had been white.

    I honestly thought that Mary McDonnel’s “Liar” line was the only line in the movie that portrayed an actual human emotion. The problem is that it was just too good to be in this movie.

    My re-watching experience of this movie was very interesting. I was already cringing at the thought of certain bogus lines, when I realized that my girlfriend was enjoying a lot of the cheesy parts. I had to try really hard not to pull a Jitterbug before I new if she was going to laugh at something I hated. While I find the film grossly lacks a level of quality that I enjoy in other “better” movies, my opinion has shifted in the sense that I can no longer deem such movies as garbage by default. The obvious goal of this movie (besides making money) was to provide the average American (and not just teens) with an enjoyable and uplifting viewing experience, which I think it does very successfully. When it comes to movies, we are snobs, and watching the perfect movie is something that is just not very high on my girlfriend’s list of priorities.

    Will Smith makes the same face Chris Bosh does when he just bites it, for the look, he don’t light it.

    Dave, great Sean Connery impression and Dr. Strangelove reference.

    Awesome show, guys!

  7. Reknbal

    Doesn’t anyone have any ID part 4 forum threads left?!?!?!?!?!

  8. zombiesauerkraut

    =) That joke never gets old. And I second the motion to create an ID4 part 4 thread; I need closure.

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