Big Red Flix 27: Independence Day (Part 1)

Dave, Jitterbug and Yoshifett welcome aliens to Erff with the summer blockbuster, Independence Day. The crew is back to their old Star Wars form (including a planet core moment) and recorded 4 awesome hours for this BKR (Be Kind Rewind). Check back on BRB later this week for part 2!

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  1. Seriously… No one saw the giant spaceship (spanning several miles in diameter) before they showed up in our atmosphere. Really? For real? REALLY?!

    I feel like everyone’s taking crazy pills.

  2. DeanBiddler

    Oh Jitterbug, they were jamming the radar.Raspberry, only one alien race is bold enough to give them the raspberry.

    My favorite part is how the fire doesn’t chase Will Smith’s wife and son when they duck into the broom closet with open door. It is almost as if the fire from the laser blast does not uniformly expand. . .

  3. Longfoehammer

    Just an FYI, the feed seems to be in a format that us Zune users cant seem to play. That is what the Error details tells me at least.

  4. Same issue as longfoehammer – rss feed on both the android app and my rss reader seems to link to a truncated file.

  5. Error: Zune software doesn’t support this episodes media format.

    Got the same error on the Jaws part 2 episode.

  6. Jamming the radar? Since when does using a telescope require radar?

  7. Shacks

    Jitterbug sometimes you drive me insane with how you think with movies! There is plenty of reasons why no one sees the alien ship by the moon.

    Like Yoshi said it just flashed and showed up using light speed. It probably uses a cloaking device, after all it is shrouded with clouds when entering earths atmosphere. Maybe the part of the ship moving across the moon was from the back side and the camera made it look like it was coming over the top. This seen does not break the movie at all.

    And I just have to say the whole water core for a planet… It is Star Wars, you yourself even called those movies “space fantasy”, that is the key word, fantasy. Anything can happen in a fantasy! Including and not limited to a planet having a water core.

    Great stuff guys, love the BKR show! thumb

  8. dancer

    moon atmosphere?:))

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