BRB WTF: Microsoft E3 Press Conference Podcast

On the maiden voyage of BRB WTF, Dave, Yoshifett, Kev and Mat break down the good, the bad and the ugly of Microsoft’s 2012 E3 press conference. From Halo 4 to Usher, everything is on the table and no quarter will be given. Yes, this podcast is better with Kinect.

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  1. If Yoshifett wasn’t on enough stuff and didnt speak enough on those, Podcast 3 to add to his resume!

    That was a joke, looking forward to hearing the new show! 🙂 (listening to the latest brown boom just now)


  2. SolidJackal

    Is this going to keep going after E3? like weekly? or once in a while?

  3. the more BRB podcasts the better, but saving this show for big events and whatnot would be cool too.


  4. There will be other podcasts on this feed. Skit shows, spoilercasts and the like. You never know WTF you’re going to hear on here.

  5. Lukas Heinzel

    I think you guys were way to harsh on MS, i was impressed by Halo,Forza and the new Features like Smart Glass, or even the Internet Explorer.

    And i wanted to correct some facts , which you (mostly Dave) just didnt know or just lied about winky2

    -the ps2 sold 4 million worldwide last year, which is way off from the year before, so NO: the ps2 is the worst selling console
    -the 360 is the best selling console now, in terms of worldwide sales they are 4 million ahead of the ps3, but of course still way behind the wii

    Thats all, just try to be a little more less biased towards MS, would be more enjoyable.

  6. What is this on my Red show feed? Welcome back.

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