Big Red Flix 20: Fight Club (Part 3)

Welcome back for the exciting conclusion of Dave, Jitterbug and Yoshifett’s break down of David Fincher’s tale of a ticking-time-bomb insomniac and a slippery soap salesman, Fight Club. Check back on BRB later this week for more Flix!

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  1. zombiesauerkraut

    If you watch very closely through the tinted windows of the bus as Marla walks down the aisle, you’ll notice about 4 guys stand up simultaneously. In retrospect I assumed that these were the Mayhem guys. Of course, then you’re only plugging one plothole in order to open another: what the hell are those guys doing hanging out on this random bus…eh, slide.

     A goofy but great line is at the end when Ed has the gun in his mouth.

    Brad: Would you like to say a few words to mark the occasion?

    Ed: I still can’t think of anything.

    Brad: Hm…flashback humor.


    Epic three-parter. Cheers, guys. 

  2. Cory

    I think the point is that project mayhem is so big at that point that it would be strange to run into someone that wasn’t involved in project mayhem.


    For the ending, aside from the destruction symbolizing that Norton couldn’t do anything to stop it despite conquering his other side, I always thought it symbolized the wiping of his slate.


    All those buildings were credit card ones. They wiped the debt of all those people. When Norton defeated Tyler, he was “wiping” his debt clean so he could start a new life on the right track. 


    And pretty much none of Chuck’s books end on a high note… He goes so far into self destruction in the books that the highest point the characters can climb at the end is level ground. 


    Oh, and if you get a chance, read Rant, Airplane, and Snuff if you haven’t already. Those are still the highlights of his writing career. 

    Lullaby and Invisible Monsters is good too, but not quite up to those other three. Well actually Lullaby is pretty twisted. But Invisible Monsters is pretty forgetable. I’d have a hard time explaining to you the plot of that book, but the other 3 I remember pretty well.

  3. You guys are so breaking the first rule of fight club

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