Podcasts: The BRB UK Story Thus Far

Before they were BRB UK, they were still UK but on another website. Just right click and save the links below to get those episodes.

Episode 1: Rebuilding The Empire

Episode 2: Tiny Earl

Episode 3: Back In Your Drawer

Episode 4: Accidental Scottish Upskirt

Episode 5: Prince Catherine On The Throne

Episode 6: Pals, Chums, And Gran Turismo 5

Episode 6.5

Episode 7: I Didn’t Break It!

Bioware Special

Episode 8: A Visceral Podcast Experience

Episode 9: Yamster The Tank Engine

Episode 10: Animal Segways

Episode 10.5: Economic Fail

Episode 11: Dead Awesome

Episode 12: Cap’s High-Tech Starlift

Episode 13: Unlucky Souls & Dirty Racers

Episode 14: 2 Dolls, 1 Cup Of Tea

Episode 15: Zone Of The East Enders

Episode 16: Bulletstorming Your Skyrim

Episode 17: This Isn’t Going In

Episode 18: Korean Naughty Step

Episode 19: Shifting Down Under

Episode 20: Padding Out The 3DS

Episode 21: Fight Nights Who Say “Ni”

Episode 22: Whilst Wearing A Leotard

Episode 22.5: Podcasting Dimwitt

Episode 23: Awkward Portal Insertion

Episode 24: Fancy Pant Flashpoint

Episode 25: See Cap’s Butt

Episode 26: It’s Well ‘Ard

Episode 27: Hostspur Noire

Episode 28: Tattybojangles

Episode 29: Periodic Table Of Balls

Episode 30: American Fisting Aliens

Episode 31: Spoon Based Snip

Episode 31.5: Till All Are One

Episode 32: Fish Bum Sausages

Episode 33: Hold It Until Ready

Episode 34: No Evidence Whatsoever

Episode 35: Squenix Lonstu

Episode 36: Below Average

Episode 37: Cap’s Big Head

Episode 37.5: Lava Lamps Are Hot

Episode 38: Post-Apocalyptic Bowel Movement

Episode 39: Deus Xerox

Episode 40: Toaster Fudge

Episode 41: Cream Jelly Bean

Episode 42: Gears Of Meat

Eurogamer 2011 Podcast #1

Eurogamer 2011 Podcast #2

Episode 43: A Taste For Adventure

Episode 44: Poppin’ Rage

Episode 45: Fresh Lick Of Paint

Episode 46: Batman’s Dinner

Episode 47: Time Penalty

Episode 48: Aggressive Package

Episode 49: Burt Rentals

Episode 50: Rubbing Off

Episode 51: 0898 Mario

Episode 52: Toodle-Bye

And now you know the rest of the story.

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  1. Coiled String

    Glad to see you guys back and can’t wait to hear the new you’s.
    All the best with the endeavours.

  2. Mr Fluffy

    Yay! Your back I don’t have to rely on americans to tell me what to do oh great overloads.
    Guide me oh great ones.

  3. gooner-marmite

    Just cant Frikin wait .

  4. GamerRid

    So, any idea when the new podcast is out? I know we British are good at waiting but we need more thoroughly British podcasts

  5. bigben

    Being British, I thought I’d join the queue of people saying cant wait to have you guys back pod-casting again. But, is the tea drinking obligatory? Could I have a marmite sandwich instead?

  6. Farko

    Can’t wait to hear the continuing releases on the new home gents!

  7. Great to have that recap, I had completely forgotten about the OHMSS Hall of Names (which I am in – a.k.a PhoenixFire92). But yeah bring on BRB UK! 😀

  8. Tom The Guitar Guy

    Could we maybe see the triumphant return of Tiny Earl?

  9. mophead

    awww the memories
    loved every moment of this podcast!

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