BRB Boom 1: Welcome To The Podcast Boom


Welcome to the inaugural episode of BRB Boom. Join the podcasters, that you loved when they were Brown, as they wander through many weekly segments, some happening for the first and last time. DogsDie, Smelly Pirate and Yoshifett also nerd out about Battlefront 3 rumors, gaming while going number 2, and other topics that effect today’s gamer.

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  1. Boom.

  2. tiita


  3. OTRawrior

    The best first 20 seconds of any podcast ever.

  4. bomber007

    Good Job guys. So happy you guys didn’t let the brown show be the end of the humor. BTW, left a comment on under the name of literalbible. I trolled softly. Hope they keep it up haha

  5. Fantastic start to BRB Boom guys, keep it up! 🙂

    P.S. I approve of the name “Boomers”

  6. Is…is this real life…?

  7. lowman621

    Hey guys I’m a mailman in Indiana. Was listening to your new podcast yesterday while carrying the mail and about fell down from laughing so hard about the poop stuff. Too FUNNY. Thanks for the laughs. Love the show and will spread the word about your cast and the new site.

  8. Ah, after a two year hiatus, it’s good to hear you guys back in action again. 🙂

    And yes, I hide in the bathroom from my wife with my iPhone; we don’t have kids, but when she’s cleaning the house, it’s a good time to disappear for 10-15 minutes before she realizes I’m sandbagging.

  9. SlapHappySamurai

    I miss being a Brownie, but that was the Best Boom Ever!!!!… so far….this year….to date..Anyway it was, in the immortal words of Lilu, A Big Bada Boom. It puts the Boom Boom Pow in high fiber muffin. Please to serve some more next week for us consumers of such Boombastic quality earhole stimuli. Boomer Esiason Aproves this message.

  10. Reikozu

    I would like to throw my vote for we listeners of the boom to be called “boom boom blastahs”

  11. Demra

    I think you guys should call us fans your boom booms. It goes well with the legacy of the brown.

  12. Tom The Guitar Guy

    Great first episode! I would have suggested the listeners be referred to as Boomites, but Boomers seems to be taking off nicely 😛

  13. Koozie

    Awesome first episode. I have an idea for a name for us, the listeners. I was thinking Boomhounds.

  14. Tom The Guitar Guy

    For anyone else who is obsessed with Battlefront (YOSHI), I have been following this site for ages now : for news on Battlefront 3.

    News can be slow at times though..

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