BRB Blu 2: Amy From the Internet

Welcome to BRB Blu, the premiere Sony Podcast from Rothbart, PacMan Polar Bear and Frawlz discuss Shuhei Yoshida’s busy week, Pacman never gets his comics, Frawlz trolls for internet booty, Rothbart gets engaged, da roomahs, and a few more nuggets of Sony goodness. There’s bonus content for BRB (formally that other site) iPhone and Android app users.

We appreciate you guys taking time out of your day to listen to the show. For your convenience, you can simply download the MP3 by clicking HERE or if you’re one of those “set it and forget it” types, you can subscribe via iTunes, RSS, or Zune and stay in “real time.”

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  1. Woo hoo! I didn’t give a crap about Playstation podcasts, but then I took an arrow… Err I mean I traded my xbox in for a PS3. Definitely subscribing when I get home (on my iPhone now). Trolling for Internet booty? Sounds sensual <- sounds creepy

  2. Playrules

    I would like to thank rothbart for my shoutout, as soon as I heard it i had to tell everybody lol.

    Also i would like to congradulate rothbart on his engagement.

    And also guys if you choose to send me a shout out once again can you mention that Me and Pac Man both are brothers and we both are criminals in disguise.

    Peace out 😀

  3. The Jack Of Hearts

    Wow…just wow. Frawlz has to resort to pay someone to have a girl follow him on twitter. Pacman was right, I’m already laughing my ass off.

  4. Playrules

    But its funny when rothy and pacman pay him out, the only thing i didnt like is when they said that chris pirillo was doing a good thing by making a amazon wishlist. Ah well nobodys perfect, except lara croft 😉

  5. Playrules

    Hey rothbart

  6. Playrules

    Its obvious only frawlzfan is doing the contest. Lets be real here, getiing a chick to follow you is nothing compared to the stuff i do with chicks 😉

  7. sindred

    Good luck, Frawlz. You wkll find your Amy and she will blow a fog horn at you

    Regarding the topic about how Gears outsold all of the PS3 exclusives.

    Let’s just say your starving, and you walk into an empty room with only a huge ass turkey. Chances are you will devour that thing. Now let’s say you walk into a room with some turkey, some wings, a pizza, some KFC, and some burgers from Top Notch. Chances are you’re going to sample a little of everything because you have more options.

    Long-winded way of saying that lack of options produce incredible sales for the only option. Not saying that one option is bad. In fact, it was amazing, but the fact that the many options spread across many genres, and not only the popular ones, probably has to do a lot with the reason why the many options didn’t fare as well.

  8. Playrules

    Frawlz i meant i thought it was bad when PAC MAN AND ROTHBART were ok with chris pirillo making an amazon wishlist not you. But i can sort of agree with them if,like pac man said, Chris donates to charity and gives back to the community, by the way cant wait for Extra Life, i might be streaming! 😀

  9. Darth Nutclench

    I think we should give $50 to Frawlz to leave the poor girl alone. Congrats to Rothbart too!

  10. jizzy6879

    yay no more bleeping out the bad words!!!

  11. Playrules

    How do you change your BRB profile picture,? im sick of hav ing a big red barrel as my pic, not that i hate big red barrel its just that i find it easier to navigate user comments by their dp

  12. Hotice17

    congrats on your engagement Rothbart!, and Frawls i was surprised when i saw you in Pulse at the tester’s party (you were in the background)

  13. Playrules

    I don’t think The Last Of Us will be as good as people think, i know it will be worth the money but i don’t think it will be as good as naughty dog could’ve made it. The main reason being that Naughty Dog worked on this game for 2 years side-by-side with Uncharted 3. I know you might be confused as to how that brings the game down, well look at Uncharted 3, many people liked the game but they said Uncharted 2 was better. Naughty Dog were just working on Uncharted 2 when they made it, they were not working side by side. Even that being said i might pick up The Last Of Us

  14. Playrules

    Face it frawlz, your to-do list consists of men, not women. (insert snap here)

  15. Playrules

    Your irish i see! Whats a crack fella?

  16. Playrules

    Cant find edit avatar tab, i am using my iPad, where is it located?

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