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Video Games Just Aren’t Doing It For Me Anymore

Have video games had their golden years? Or am I just becoming senile?

The Dark Knight Rises: Decent But Not Great

That’s right; I said it. Christopher Nolan’s new (and supposedly final) Batman epic left me thinking, “Yeah, that was probably worth seeing, I guess.”

The Locals: Episode 3 – Cinco de Mayo Especial!

This time on The Locals, we celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

BRB User Survey

The staff here at BRB are still very excited with the new site rolling out and we are constantly looking for ways to improve. If you can take a few of minutes to fill out this survey, it would go miles to help us improve the site for you.

The Locals – Episode 2: Dave’s Big Wood

In Episode 2 of Big Red Barrel’s “The Locals,” Mike and Fisherman get their drink on during a frantic game of MLB ’12: The Show. The Rules: Make an Error = 1 Drink Give up a Walk = 1 Drink Give up an RBI = 1 Drink Give up a Hit = 1 Drink Give […]

Impossible Expectations Always Lead to Disappointment

Mass Effect. What an absolutely amazing trilogy. It transcends what video games have always been and raises the bar for what they can become. With something this amazing, however, there are bound …

Remember When Mass Effect Was Cool?

Seriously? You’re enjoying Mass Effect 3? If you were really a cool person, you’d have taken back Earth before the Reapers ever showed up. I would love to be proven wrong in my thought that hipsters are taking over everything.

The Locals: Pilot

Hey guys, thanks for watching the very first episode of The Locals!  Please feel free to leave feedback/comments/suggestions for us to keep this show improving! In addition to that, let us know your thoughts on games you’d like to see covered or rules you’d like to see implemented into the games we’re playing. Thanks again!

I Suck at Video Games

That’s right; I said it. I’m really bad at them, even though I’ve been playing games for probably 15 years. I didn’t notice until I was tallying up “points” for The Locals (which will debut soon right here on Big Red Barrel).

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