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Competition: Win Uncharted: Golden Abyss!


You!  Yes, you.  Have you just picked up a shiny new PS Vita?  Is your wallet hurting after spending all that cash?  Are you still in need of a copy of Uncharted: Golden Abyss?  Never fear, because we’ve got your back here at BigRedBarrel and are giving you the chance to win a brand new, sealed copy of the cartridge version of Golden Abyss.  Aren’t we spiffing?

To enter, all you need to do is provide a (preferably comedy) caption for this photo of Nolan North and Richard McGonagle hard at work mo-capping for Uncharted.

To win, all you need to do is post your caption for this positively magical photo in the forum thread for this post.  This competition is only open to registered members of BigRedBarrel.com – if you’re not registered, you can sign up to the site right here and start enjoying the wonderous range of regular articles, previews, reviews, podcasts and video content that we’ve got on offer.

This competition will close at 11.59pm (GMT) on Sunday 26th March 2012; the winner will be notified by email within 24 hours of the competition closing.  The prize is a brand-new, sealed UK retail physical copy of Uncharted: Golden Abyss.  No alternative prizes in the form of cash or PSN download codes will be offered.  Please note that this game requires a PS Vita memory card; this is not included with the prize.

Good luck!


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  1. RobT

    “Faster damn you, only 60mph will provide sufficient taint cooling!”

  2. tweedman23

    Would you like entries left as replies here or on the forums mate?

  3. tweedman23

    “Footage from the Tron 3 sequel to Tron Legacy suggests it won’t rape the original this time”

  4. Ryan Archer

    “I can’t wait for Uncharted karting to come out!”

  5. “Sully, I know you’re a lot older than me, but are those your BALLS halfway down your shins?”

  6. Tom The Guitar Guy

    “We don’t take Nolan outside anymore.. He thinks he’s driving a car. ALWAYS driving a damn car..”

  7. “I can’t believe you talked me into wearing crotchless chaps again!”

  8. Farko

    “This is the strangest sex club I’ve ever been to. “

  9. SolidJackal

    Man if Chloe saw me rolling up in this, She will be mine!

  10. Iyield2no1


    “Hey Sully?”

    “Yes Nate.”

    “Did you ever feel like we are on the road to nowhere?”



    “Psst. Sully.  Your balls are showing!”



    “Shouldn’t now be about the time I say something whimsical or funny?”

    “Be quiet & enjoy the view Nate.”



    “Okay, so four gay guys walk into a bar.”



    “Do you remember where I put my keys?”



    “I’m bringing sexy back!”

  11. Wolfman

    “I wanted the blue crotch trousers.”

  12. richieboy

    At Naughty Dog studios mo-cap work begins on the video-game version of Driving Miss Daisy.

  13. WelshGuyInSpace

    Sully : “Do you think we should check if that hooker is all right”

    Nate : ” Your not as hard core as you used to be Sully “

  14. MTaylo050

    Sully, we really need to get back to town. My blue balls are spreading.

  15. Darth Nutclench

    “Drake, when Elena said we needed to be more ballsy, I’m not sure this was what she meant….”

  16. TamarindLAZ

    Nolan: Feels great to mocap for a Kart Racer for once, one with a brilliant name…UnKARTed! Just think about that for a second.

  17. Sully: “What did I say to you Nate? Keep your hands in the ten and two positions!”


    “They see me rollin’
    They hatin’
    Patrolling they tryin’ to catch me ridin’ spotty”

  18. peaf

    Although no one said anything Nolan and Richard turning up to the party dressed the same was a massive faux pas! thumb

  19. BamBamBradley

    Drake: You be doc brown and tell me when we hit 88mph…

    Sully: We’ll see some serious s**t.

  20. BoomKentucky

    Damn these dampers are not working.

  21. Vonboon

    Don’t worry they will never catch us, were on a mission from god

  22. iDraw

    I know what you’re thinking, ’cause right now I’m thinking the same thing. Actually, I’ve been thinking it ever since I got here: Why oh why didn’t I take the BLUE pill?

  23. siglerjunkie

    Game over man! We’re all gonna die like a bunch of melon farmers!!   :-)

  24. BoomKentucky

    If you are not first your last

  25. Frozen454

    *hard at work on the next gen version of desert bus*

  26. williamtimothy

    Sully: Nate give me back my cigar I need a smoke

    Drake: But Sully that’s my codpiece!

  27. williamtimothy

    Drake: How the f*** are we not dead yet? I mean we’ve been in like 12 life or death situations just today. And I always seem to jump out of the exploding building at the last second or somehow grab a ledge that shouldn’t be there in the first place when I’m falling! I mean what are the odds!? I mean Flynn set off a frag greanade right in front of us in the last game and somehow Elena is the only one who got hurt. I mean how the f*** does that happen?

    Sully: Well it is Naughty Dog

    Drake: Good point


  28. Big_H

    “It’s like this, Nate. As time goes by, the old bladder just don’t hold as tight as it used to. Your blue patch’ll turn green in its own time…”

  29. Darth Nutclench

    “OK, run that past me again… Rothbart tells you to try ‘Freeballing’ and we end up looking like this?”

  30. Chris Winter

    Sully: “Well this is ironic since the new assassins creed game is balls!”

  31. TheAlbinoPlatypus

    Sully: So I hear this is your first time? Relax kid.

  32. daftchunk

    ‘Uncharted: DVLA Deception’

  33. williamtimothy

    ok picture this in your head as your reading it and as if it was in game Sully and Drake. Sully: So I hear that Nathan Fillion is a real douchebag. Drake: shut the f*** up Sully

  34. megamix25

    “well I hope we didn’t hit Mario too hard!”

    “no he’ll be fine but I did manage to grab peach and the coins, there in the back”

  35. Iyield2no1

    williamtimothy said

    Sully: Nate give me back my cigar I need a smoke

    Drake: But Sully that’s my codpiece!

    Hey, Hey, now.  That could be consider copy-right infringement! angry

  36. ShinyMilburns

    Sully: Are we there yet?

    Drake: Sully, I’ve told you a thousand times! WE’RE STILL AT THE DRIVE THRU!

    Sully: What? I didn’t order a slow driver!

  37. Barachel

    “You’re the new face of the department, Phelps – the modern cop that… wait, isn’t this the audition for L.A. Noire 2?”

  38. Thanks for all the awesome entries, chaps and chapettes.  But, we’ve selected a winner.  And that winner is…


    Congratulations! Here’s his winning caption:

    I know what you’re thinking, ’cause right now I’m thinking the same thing. Actually, I’ve been thinking it ever since I got here: Why oh why didn’t I take the BLUE pill?

  39. ShinyMilburns

    Congrats! Now if only I FOUND the blue pill!

  40. williamtimothy

    Iyield2no1 said

    williamtimothy said

    Sully: Nate give me back my cigar I need a smoke

    Drake: But Sully that’s my codpiece!

    Hey, Hey, now.  That could be consider copy-right infringement! angry

    In the words of Doc: “Don’t give nobody credit for nuthin!” LOL

  41. williamtimothy

    Congrats iDraw! Hope you have a Vita! lol

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