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BRB Forum Terms & Conditions
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January 22, 2012
10:29 pm
London, UK
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December 29, 2011
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Big Red Barrel Rules and Terms of Service

I - Terms

By posting, you agree to the forum rules.

Posting is a privilege and can be revoked at any time.

Posts will be considered the responsibility of, and associated with, the user account that posts them, regardless of human user or IP address from which such was posted.

By posting on this forum, you agree to release Big Red Barrel from any liability, civil, criminal, or other, in specific regard to anonymous annoyances, abuses, threats or harassment, perceived or otherwise, as outlined in H.R. 3402, Section 113.

Forum rules and guidelines are subject to change with little or no notice, at any time.

Any unforeseen situation that necessitates a change in the rules, will be taken care of with no grandfather clause(s).

Big Red Barrel Administration reserves the right to interpret and apply these Terms of Service in any way to ensure the security and safety of Big Red Barrel and its users.

Big Red Barrel staff reserves the right to make judgment calls on a case by case basis regardless of the offense, user, or Terms of Service in any given situation at any time without notice.

Users are expected to have one and only one account on the BigRedBarrel.com forums. Duplicate accounts may be locked at any time without notice.

II – General Forum Guidelines

A. Language

1. As a general guideline, language should fall within the norms of a PG-13 rating. Specifics follow below.

2. Cursing, within PG-13 norms, is allowed as long as it isn't too vulgar or directed at another user. An infraction of this will be determined at the discretion of Big Red Barrel staff.

3. At the same time, gang communication, mentioning body parts and/or bodily functions, including those involving sexual innuendo, perceived or otherwise, are not permitted. For example, you can say generically “Only a dick would do that,” however, you may not say “Look at my dick.”

4. Failure to follow the language guidelines established herein may result in banishment, to be determined at the discretion of Big Red Barrel staff.

5. Intentional attempts to bypass the language filter will not be tolerated. The filters are designed to keep certain words from appearing in the forums, not to inspire your creativity in getting them there.

6. Language restrictions apply in all languages.

B. Spam

1. Big Red Barrel considers the following actions to be spam: excessive off topic posts in existing threads, excessive posting solely to inflate post counts, "plugging" competing sites or products without prior Big Red Barrel management permission, excessive unwarranted PMs (Private Messages), posts solely advertising products and services, or any type of posts meant to disrupt this message board system.

2. The definition of spam will not be limited to the specifics described in B1, and will be determined at the discretion of Big Red Barrel staff.

3. Failure to follow the spam guidelines established herein may result in banishment, to be determined at the discretion of Big Red Barrel staff.

C. Baiting & Flaming

1. Flaming is defined as posts that intentionally insult, offend, or otherwise abuse users.

2. Baiting is defined as posts that are designed to tempt another user into a violation of the Terms of Service.

3. Baiting and Flaming are often interrelated. Neither Flaming nor Baiting are permitted in any forum. This is a grey area and infractions and punishments resulting therefrom will be determined at the discretion of Big Red Barrel staff.

4. Public posts (including signatures and images) on BigRedBarrel.com or elsewhere that reflect negatively on the staff of Big Red Barrel will not be tolerated. There are mechanisms in place for private communication and dispute resolution with staff.  Choosing to handle disputes or negative communications regarding Big Red Barrel staff outside the channels established at BigRedBarrel.com may result in temporary or permanent banning from Big Red Barrel services at the staff’s discretion.  In other words, if you have a problem and run to Twitter or Facebook with it, don’t be surprised if you are no longer allowed to access your account on BigRedBarrel.com.

5. You agree not to post publicly on BigRedBarrel.com or elsewhere about any disciplinary actions (including banning, removal of ability, removal of posts/threads, etc.), such action is strictly forbidden whether the person being discussed is your or not. If someone is disciplined, the matter is between them and the Big Red Barrel staff, not the community as a whole.  Public opinion or smear campaigns against staff will not help anyone resolve disputes.

D. Trolling

1. A loose term for disruptive posting which may or may not involve violating the Terms of Service.

2. This is subject to interpretation by Big Red Barrel staff. Staff reserves the right to interpret the Terms of Service on a case by case basis involving users.

3. The penalty may range from 24 hours to permanent banning at the Big Red Barrel staff’s discretion.

E. Inappropriate Relationships/Illegal Relationships

1. Big Red Barrel in no way will tolerate any attempts by adult members of the site to solicit or form inappropriate relationships with minors, or solicit inappropriate or illegal pictures of minors. (Note - this applies in all situations)

2. Anyone in violation of this rule will receive a ban, probably permanent. Authorities may be notified as well. No warnings. Period.

3. Any member of the site who feels that inappropriate behavior along these lines is taking place should contact Big Red Barrel staff immediately.

F. Sexual Harassment/Harassment

1. Sexual Harassment is defined as ANY unwanted sexual advances, comments, or behavior.

2. Harassment is defined as ANY consistent flaming, baiting, doing so by shadowing (following a poster around as deemed and considered by the moderators), or thread spamming directed at ONE individual; Consistent, unwanted communication from one user to another.

3. It is the user’s responsibility to report acts of sexual harassment and harassment. The offending party will be given one warning unless Big Red Barrel staff deems the incident serious enough to warrant immediate action. Should the offending party subsequently harass the same individual, said offending party will be banned, the length of which will be determined at the discretion of Big Red Barrel staff.

G. PM Harassment/abuse

1. Will not be tolerated.

2. Please report any PM abuse ASAP.

3. PM abuse may result in a long term ban, possibly permanent.

4. PMs will only be seen by administration upon the request of individual users, or in the case of suspected criminal abuse.

H. Slander/Libel

1. Anything knowingly false, or alleging anything against a person which is not knowingly true can be considered slanderous/libel.

2. If you are the subject of any alleged slanderous/libel posts, it is your duty to inform a mod as soon as possible.

3. Punishments will be determined at the discretion of Big Red Barrel staff.

4. Big Red Barrel can not and will not be held responsible for individual user posts.

5. Humor/sarcasm/joking/etc. does not give anyone the right to say to post in a slanderous/libel manner.

I. Posting Pictures

1. Pornographic pictures may not be posted ANYWHERE IN ANY FORUM on Big Red Barrel.

2. Pictures of a graphic nature may not be posted ANYWHERE IN ANY FORUM on Big Red Barrel. Graphic pictures may include, but are not limited to: goatse, tubgirl, disgusting crap, etc. What is and isn't graphic will be determined on a case by case basis by Big Red Barrel staff. Short version - if it's gross or otherwise inappropriate, don't post it.

3. Links to sites that are illegal in ANY jurisdiction WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

4. Failure to follow this rule may lead to a permanent ban from this site.

5. Pictures are subject to forum guidelines.

J. Violence

1. Violence is defined as any post that threatens physical harm to another user.

2. By definition, violence is more severe than flaming.

3. Violence on the boards will not be tolerated in ANY forum.

4. Warnings will be few, and bannings may be severe.

5. Violence does NOT include play fighting.

6. Big Red Barrel staff reserve the right to interpret intent when judging a potentially violent post.

K. Signatures

1. Images are allowed in your signature, but they must be linked from a website that permits outside hotlinking of said images.

2. Images that stretch the page may be edited/removed without notice.

3. You are responsible for your own signature content. If someone approaches you to be a part of a signature "campaign" or "movement", it is your responsibility to determine whether you think the message violates any of these rules because you will be held responsible for your own signature.

L. Rights

1. Any original content you submit to Big Red Barrel will remain the property of the poster but may be edited, modified, or deleted completely by Big Red Barrel staff if a portion of it is inappropriate.

2. You agree not to pass off content copyrighted by others as your own. Big Red Barrel will not be held responsible for ANY degree of plagiarism committed by content submitters.

3. You agree to cite appropriate sources when appropriate and respect the copyright wishes of content providers. If a site has information and explicitly forbids reprinting of that content, you agree not to duplicate that content on the Big Red Barrel site but to reference it through editorial, commentary, HTML link, or written reference.

N. Site Sponsors and Ads

1. Big Red Barrel is supported in part by sponsors and advertisements. We ask that you do not use any ad-blocking functionality of your browser on this site as that actively hurts support of this site. In addition, public discussions describing how to implement ad-blocking of our sponsors will not be tolerated.

2. The Big Red Barrel staff takes great care in making sure ads and sponsors promoted by BigRedBarrel.com are a good match for our community. If you feel offended by the topics, content, or provider of any of the ads displayed on BigRedBarrel.com, we ask that you please send a Private Message to one of the administrators rather than publicly posting your concerns. We will make every effort to ensure inappropriate content isn't present in site ads.


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This topic is locked
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