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Thinking Allowed (with Frawlz) – Wii Probably Don’t Need U

Frawlz gets back from a trip to L.A. with some thoughts about the Nintendo WiiU.

Batman: Arkham City: Armoured Edition – WiiU Launch Trailer

Back as Bats! Relive Arkham City, or enjoy it for the first time, in the Armoured Edition of Batman’s greatest challenge. Featuring brand new gameplay mechanics utilizing the WiiU’s Gamepad, as well as improved suits for Batman and Catwoman. Armour up, caped crusaders!

Rabbids Land – Official Launch Trailer

Join the Rabbids on a fun day out to Rabbids Land, where you and they take part in mini-games on the theme parks rides together.

ZombiU – Tower of London Walkthrough

Be prepared to traverse one of London’s most iconic locations in ZombiU. Make your way to the top of the tower infested with zombies for a chopper extraction.

ZombiU – In the Eye of ZombiU – Part 2

In this episode, A City of Blood and Fire, the dev team discuss a bit more of ZombiU’s story while also looking it it’s iconic London setting.

Trailer: WiiU – Ubisoft Lineup

Ubisoft showcase all of their release period titles for the upcoming launch of Nintendo’s WiiU console, defining their place as the leading third-party developer on the new flagship system. Including titles such as Assassin’s Creed III, Just Dance 4, the WiiU exclusive zombie killer, ZombiU and many more.

Trailer: ZombiU – E3 Announcement

A hardcore zombie game exclusive to the WiiU? Colour me red with blood and anticipation.

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