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Don’t Judge The Wii U By The Launch Software

The WiiU may not have the grandest of launch lineups, but the software on offer is nothing to be scoffed at.

Trailer: Just Dance 4 – Release The Party!

All aboard the party bus! Just Dance 4 comes with 40 new tracks from current chart toppers to dance party classics, and a brand new Battle Mode, so the dance party never ends.

Trailer: LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Gotham’s under siege from super villains. Justice League, assemble! Wait, that doesn’t sound right…

Trailer: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron – E3 Cinematic

Grimlock? Bruticus? METROPLEX? The war for Cybertron may be huge, but the Transformers are getting even bigger!

Wii U is a Four-Letter Word to a Gamer

I know I’ve said that before (and was wrong, at least with respect to making money), but the people who have been playing the Wii for the last six years (there are some, right?) are ready for something more substantial — and I don’t mean the Wii HD.

The Wii U Is a New Console. NOT a Wii Add On. And Other Things Nintendo Didn’t Say

As Nintendo once again did not bother to make this clear, allow me to do so on their behalf: The Wii U is a brand new console and will require an investment likely to be upwards of £200 ($350)

Trailer: Pandora’s Tower – Pre-Launch

Pandora’s Tower is the latest action-packed RPG to come from Nintendo and will be available across Europe exclusively on Wii from 13th April 2012. With real-time combat, motion controls, multiple endings and a unique relationship system, Pandora’s Tower offers a unique experience and an epic story that will keep you engrossed for hours.

BRB UK 3: Angry Sackboy Rash

It’s that time of the week where it’s officially BRB UK o’clock – so don your cravat, imbibe a cup of Earl Grey and join Dan, Jon and Tim for your weekly fix of British blathering.

Trailer: The Last Story – Director’s Cut

The legendary developer Sakaguchi-san has joined forces with Nintendo to produce a special trailer that celebrates the launch of his latest creation, The Last Story, exclusively for Wii.

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