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Review: Until Dawn

Tim really enjoyed his time with Until Dawn. It is like a bloody, gory Scooby-Do episode with a few less dogs.

Big Red Barrel’s Gaming Picks for 2015

A new year is upon us and based on the mere sampling of games the staff here at Big Red Barrel have listed, it should be a corker.

BRB UK 115: BRB @ EGX Special

Tim has rounded up Kev and Fake Dan (aka Chris Coleman) in order to deliver a semi-coherent and semi-conclusive summary of EGX

Until Dawn @ EGX

The playable demo on the show floor of EGX drops you right into the middle of the bloody, horror story of Until Dawn. Make sure you make the right decisions or be Saw in the morning!

gamescom 2014: Sony Press Conference

Despite the success of the PlayStation 4, Sony are eager to avoid complacency – their gamescom press conference appears to back up that claim.

BRB UK 26: Wie komme ich am besten zum steamroller, bitte?

It’s time for a smidge more British gaming tomfoolery – but we’re a man down this week, so Dan and Jon are tasked with navigating the week’s news without the stabilising presence of Tim.

Trailer: Until Dawn – Gamescom 2012

The announcement trailer for a game based on as archetypical a movie genre as you can get: Cabin + Woods = HORROR. You must survive Until Dawn.

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