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Thinking Allowed (with Frawlz) – WiiU’s Launch gets Xbloxed?

Frawlz is out in Boston for the holidays, but a recent “leak” about the new Xbox specs has him scratching his poorly grown facial hair.

Thinking Allowed (with Frawlz) – Wii Probably Don’t Need U

Frawlz gets back from a trip to L.A. with some thoughts about the Nintendo WiiU.

Thinking Allowed (with Frawlz) – Is Cross-Game Chat Actually Worthwhile?

Frawlz would like to share with you his musings on the subject of cross-game chat, and whether or not it has been beneficial or hindering to Xbox Live. Also, there’s pizza.

Thinking Allowed (with Frawlz) – Midnight Launch Poster Woes

Frawlz takes valuable time away from his ‘work’ to tell you about midnight launches and stupid posters. It’s the mandatory Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 episode, then.

Thinking Allowed (with Frawlz) – Cortana’s Boobs

Frawlz would like to tell you about Halo 4, an iPhone app that improves your laziness score, and also thank Jeff Rubenstein for being a pretty cool dude. Oh and he still needs an outro! Mentioned Links:

Thinking Allowed – Frawlz Wants To Tell You About Vlogs

Do you like Vlogs? We do. And with the Blu Show in the rear-view mirror, Frawlz is bored and wants you to look at him naked. Regularly. … There may be more than nudity. … I’m personally here for the nudity.

Thinking Allowed: A Vlog Update From Kev

In which I explain where I’ve been, what I’m doing, and what you can expect from me going forward.

Thinking Allowed: Kev On The Elder Scrolls Online

Kev takes a few minutes to explain his concerns regarding the recent information made public about The Elder Scrolls Online, and the state of MMORPGs in general. Thinking Allowed is to be a new feature here on BRBTV, and this first episode does not┬ánecessarily┬árepresent what the finalised format will look like. We’re just testing the […]

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