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BRB UK 183: Uncle Grippy Loves the Dark Zone

There’s so much content in this week’s episode of the BRB UK that we can’t even come up with a description without running out of space!

Trailer: Thief — Launch Trailer

I bet a great many of you either weren’t aware of or just plain missed out on the original Thief series. It had its ups and downs, for sure, but ultimately came to define stealth gameplay in a first-person game. This trailer seems to suggest it’ll be doing that again, and keeping the potent Gothic […]

Thief – “Uprising” Gamescom 2013 Trailer

Master thief Garrett gets ensnared in a growing conflict with polticial powers in a city on the brink of revolution.

Big Red Barrelcast 2: Sim City’s Incredible Crisis

Welcome to the sophomore episode of the Big Red Barrelcast! PacManPolarBear, Dave and Kev are here to talk about video games and sometimes Star Trek!

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