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BRB UK 267: System Shifter

Paris Games Week and Big Red Barrel UK… sounds sexy, does it not? Also, there’s Steamworld Dig 2 & Super Mario Odyessy.

The Last of Us Part II – PGW 2017 Trailer

May as well start with the big one… PlayStation’s Media Showcase has just ended for Paris Games Week 2017 with a new trailer for The Last of Us Part II. The sequel to Naughty Dog’s magnum opus likes just as dark and grim, if not more so, than its predecessor.

BRB UK 222: PlayStation Experience 2016

Coleman, Kev & Diarmuid get together to cover The Game Awards & Playstation Experience.

The Last of Us Part II – Reveal Trailer

This is how you close out an incredible showcase of upcoming PlayStation games. The Last of Us Part II ended the show and provided the perfect cherry on top of a cake full of awesome titles. Once again centering on Ellie and Joel, you will this time play the game from Ellie’s perspective and looks to […]

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