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The Crew: Calling All Units – Launch Trailer

The Crew: Calling All Units is the second major update to Ubisoft’s car MMO. In it, you play as elite cop Clara Washington, trying to take down illegal street racers nationwide. The new content features 12 new missions as well as fully-equipped police vehicles. The new mode is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

BRB UK 206: Adventures on Planet Coleman

This week’s BRB UK is all about Gamescom, Star Wars & No Man’s Sky… not a bad line up really.

The Crew Wild Run – Launch Trailer

A launch trailer has been released for The Crew Wild Run, the expansion to Ubisoft’s racing MMO. The video shows off the game’s off-road credentials and offers people another reason to jump back into the game if they left it behind (like me!). The Crew Wild Run is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and […]

The Crew Wild Run – The Secrets of a Wild Journey

While I enjoyed The Crew, I felt it had some issues. I can only hope Wild Run adds some more to the game. The Crew Wild Run video above introduces us to the team that hopes to achieve that. The expansion is bundled in The Crew Wild Run Edition and The Crew Complete Edition. You will […]

Close My Open Worlds For Better Games

Tim attempts to explore the environment of open world bloat, without tripping over and falling on his face.

BRB UK 124: There is No Troy Baker

The BRB UK team were, after a very busy November, preparing to wind down for Chrimbo. Sony had other ideas. They did all of the news.

Review: The Crew

Among a slew of other racing games, The Crew has a job on its hands to set itself apart from the pack – and Diarmuid has to admit that Ivory Tower have given it a good chance.

BRB UK 123: Mark

Pip pip! BRB UK is once again ahoy with all three hosts present and accounted for. So join Dan, Tim and Coleman as they begin to recover from the full-frontal assault on their wallets that was November.

BRB UK 119: Monsieur L’Assassin

It’s that time of the week to pull up a wing-backed armchair and listen to the witterings of Dan, Tim and Coleman as they navigate the week’s news on the good ship BRB UK.

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