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Big Red Barrelcast 121: Commodore Kev

The Big Red Barrelcast is back baby! Let’s talk about ReCore, Destiny and Dead Rising.

Press Start: Juggernog

This is Press Start, a small animated show about podcasts and as I make the show, BigRedBarrel UK seems like a good fit. Taken from Episode 150 of the BigRedBarrel UK Podcast – Dan, Coleman & Tim are joined by BRB UK alumni Jon, along with the Barrelcast’s Kev to celebrate 150 episode of the show. […]

Big Red Barrelcast 109: Ask Jeeves

Big Red Barrelcast is here to shock and amaze you. The NX is coming and you know Dave, Kev and PacManPolarBear have opinions about it.

Big Red Barrelcast 108: A Leaf On The Wind

The Big Red Barrelcast crew aims to misbehave while talking about Street Fighter 5 and the DICE awards.

Big Red Flix 114: Die Hard (Part 1)

WELCOME TO THE PARTY PAL! In honor of the late Alan Rickman, the Flix crew breaks down Die Hard.

Big Red Barrelcast 107: Wham!

Did you know Kanye has a game coming out? Dave, Kev and Pacman make fun of that and a whole lot more on this week’s episode of the Big Red Barrelcast.

BRB Boom 86: Bachelorette Night

This week, Yoshifett, DogsDie and Smelly kick off 2016 with DogsDie’s beef, words of the week, music, more music, still talking about music.

Big Red Flix 112: The Force Awakens

This week, Dave, Yoshifett, Smelly Pirate and Dogsdie break down Star Wars Episode VII.

Press Start: Question

Jon feels inspired by his recent viewing of EVO but Tim and Dan are struggling to find the Scot’s same enthusiasm within themselves.

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