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Review: Rock Band Blitz

Unplugging the amplitude from the frequency. Does Harmonix’s latest beat-matcher upset the rhythm?

Review: The Ratchet and Clank Trilogy

Whilst the current-gen series may have the upper-hand graphically, there’s very little to separate it from its trio of daddies Рand this makes the trilogy an essential buy for those who missed out first time around.

Awesomenauts Review

Cue the silhouette of six zany, ice-cold creatures looking cool for the camera as the high-pitched theme song singers wail “Awesome!” over the montage. And then everything explodes.

Wheels of Destruction Review

Have a read of our review of Gelid Games’ PSN-exclusive vehicular combat game. Can Unreal Engine tech and a decent price make up for the lack of creativity?

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