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PlanetSide 2 – E3 Trailer

PS2 is a Massively Multiplayer first person shooter that delivers truly epic, massive combat on a scale never before seen. Set in an online persistent world where war wages non-stop and the balance of power shifts with every capture and loss. Players have their choice to join three different empires: the New Conglomerate, Terran Republic or […]

Trailer: Planetside 2 – Can Your FPS Do This?

Sony Online Entertainment have been bragging a lot about Planetside 2, but before you dismiss their free-to-play game as silly, they have one simple question… Oddly the question is not “Does your FPS have Dubstep in it?”

Trailer: Planetside 2 – The Future of War

For those of you Call of Duty players wondering what an online shooter would look like with a few more than 18 people per map, and also what that kind of map would even look like, this should inform you. Once you’re done picking your jaw up off the floor, you should probably find a […]

Trailer: Planetside 2 – Death Is No Excuse

I will never, ever grow tired of watching anything made by Blur Studio. Whether you are anticipating Planetside 2 or not, this is absolutely worth three minutes of your time to watch. SOE are also promoting Beta sign-ups, so you might want to get on that after watching this. It’s not indicative of actual gameplay, obviously, but […]

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