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Outward – Dev Diary #3 Combat

The release of the latest survival RPG from Deep Silver and developer Nine Dots, Outward, is almost upon us. To celebrate, a new Dev Diary video has been released, covering the combat in the game and how its making a meaningful contribution to changing the way we look at traditional RPGs.

Outward – Dev Diary #2 Wanderlust

Deep Silver and Nine Dots have released a new Dev Diary for their hardcore fantasy adventure Outward. Showcasing the variety and depth of the game’s environment, it also covers the mechanics of an undervalued and iconic piece of gear: the backpack.

Outward – Dev Diary #1 Adventuring

Publishers Deep Silver and developer Nine Dots have announced the release date for their hardcore fantasy adventure RPG Outward. The game will hit PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 26th March. Outward is an open-world fantasy adventure game where players will play the role of a true inhabitant of a sprawling world, requiring biological […]

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