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BRB UK 144: Heavenstrike Swift

This week Team BRB UK are joined by Ed Fear from Mediatonic to talk about Heavenstrike Rivals and more

Life is Strange – Episode 3 Launch Trailer

The third episode of Life is Strange, titled Chaos Theory, is set to arrive this week. We will see Max and Chloe’s investigation lead to them breaking into Blackwell Academy looking for clues regarding Rachel Amber’s disappearance. The trailer hints at some of the game’s upcoming events so beware of possible spoilers.

BRB UK 135: Rezzed & Rami

As Team BRB UK return form this year’s EGX Rezzed expo, not only do they bring stories of upcoming games to tell but they’ve also managed to snag another awesome guest while there.

Life is Strange – Episode 2 Launch Trailer

Life is Strange is set in a fictional American town called Arcadia Bay and tells the story of Max and Chloe as they try to find out what happened to Rachel Amber. The second episode, Out of Time, introduces some new characters, locations and twists to the story. Episode two of Life is Strange, Out of Time […]

Life Is Strange – Launch Trailer

Life is Strange is an episodic, graphic adventure title about choices, destiny and time travel – more importantly, it’s out now. The first episode – Chrysalis, serves as an introduction to this new series and puts you in place to explore butterfly effect for yourself. Not sure about the game? Well if you hop onto either the PlayStation […]

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