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BRB UK 77: BP Mexican Gulf-Style

With Eurogamer Fever well and truly eviscerated Dan, Tim and Jon return to the real world to talk videogames you can actually play.

BRB @ EGX: Preview – Knack

The design pedigree behind Knack is undeniable – and is the likely reason that this title was the very first to be shown on the PS4 back in February – but will it be able walk the walk as well as talk the talk?

Knack – E3 Trailer

Watch the official E3 2013 trailer for Knack, with brand new gameplay footage and stunning cutscenes, coming exclusively to PlayStation 4. The game still looks fairly ‘kiddy’ to me, perhaps that’s just because of the art style though. The gameplay itself looks like it could be a fair amount of fun, who wouldn’t enjoy smashing […]

What Sony Failed To Tell Us

Many gamers, myself included, were left feeling a little jaded after Sony’s confirmation of the PS4 last night…Sony’s Meeting felt a lot more like a press conference where they just confirmed our suspicions.

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