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Eager Beaver Review

Steady on, frisky. Apple hasn’t loosened the App Store standards, for Eager Beaver deals not with up-for-it foo-foos but with the actual animals – or rather, one of them. This is a fun, functional physics-based puzzler, with not a vajayjay in sight.

Disco Kitten Review

There are great iOS games, and then there is Disco Kitten. There’s little to be said other than the game being a victim of its own potential innovation, which fails to embrace any qualities other than monotony, frustration and eventual disinterest.

Review: Lock ‘n’ Load

Lock, load, jam. This iOS twin-stick shooter misfires on all counts, and boasts a shockingly uncouth attitude to in-app purchases.

Buying an iPad? You Probably Won’t Need Anything Else

Jon has been playing with a new iPad, and any reservations he had about the device’s gaming cred have evaporated. Would he still buy a PS Vita to go with it?

Russian Dancing Men Review

If you are familiar with Weebl’s Stuff then you should know what to expect from this game; Russian Dancing Men incorporates great ‘get stuck in your head for days’ tunes, sublime cartoon graphics and side scrolling rhythm mayhem.

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