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Preview: Mayan Death Robots

If games like Monopoly, Mario Kart and Worms were not friendship-crushing enough for you then Vincent might have a new game you should try.

Review: Assault Android Cactus

A slick twin-stick arcade shooter from fledgling indie studio breaks out of early access and lands as one of the most fun and frustrating new IP of 2015.

Revisiting ID@Xbox: Indies Galore!

Last year, Jamie took a look at the ID@Xbox program. Now, he’s back to take a more in depth look at the games being released this year and beyond as well as some old favourites.

Video Game Music Podcast Special

A video game music special with Prescilla, and Ori and the Blind Forest composer Gareth Coker.

BRB UK 94: Fart Roh Dah!

Ahoy hoy, chaps and chapettes! It’s time for you to get a crumpet in the toaster and settle down for another dose of BRB UK.

BRB UK 76: When I Was At E3…

The BRB UK boys are back from this year’s Eurogamer Expo, H1Nerd1 duly in tow, and are positively brimming with excitement at all the next-gen goodness they managed to get their hands on.

Review: Gone Home

As an adventure based on the premise of exploring an environment, Gone Home falls a bit short; however, the game’s story is remarkably special and is one that people should experience.

Review: Papers, Please

Lucas Pope gives us an indie-title that piques the curiosity, and has a surprising impact on our sense of morality in video games.

Competition: Win Tickets for Rezzed

Rezzed is a PC and Indie Game Expo hosted by our friends over at Eurogamer. Big Red Barrel has kindly been supplied with three pairs of tickets to give away.

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