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Up For Sale – GAME’s Spring Clean Could Be the Beginning of the End

High-street UK gaming stores GAME and Gamestation are holding a huge fire sale to avoid going into administration in two weeks – is it time for GameStop to step in?

BRB UK 3: Angry Sackboy Rash

It’s that time of the week where it’s officially BRB UK o’clock – so don your cravat, imbibe a cup of Earl Grey and join Dan, Jon and Tim for your weekly fix of British blathering.

Just Why Is GAME In Trouble?

This morning’s news of GAME’s troubles with EA, whilst terrible news, come as something of a non-surprise in light of the retail giant’s recent financial troubles. The company’s shares on the London Stock Exchange have plummeted …

GAME Over?

I heard today through the grapevine that my pre-order of the Collector’s Edition of Mass Effect 3 won’t be available. The reason for all this pre-order woe: The chain of stores that I pre-ordered with aren’t able to stock EA’s March releases.

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