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Preview: Homefront The Revolution

Advertising for Homefront The Revolution states “You Are The Revolution”, before trying the game Tim needed some convincing.

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected & Gat out of Hell – Launch Trailer

The series that out-GTAs GTA on a regular basis, Saint’s Row, is back to spread mayhem and carnage. The launch trailer for Saints Row IV: Re-Elected and Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell is below – Re-Elected brings the fourth entry in the series to current gen consoles with all of its previously released DLC. It also comes […]

Review: Metro Redux

Remakes of last generation games have come back into vogue and 4A Games, with Deep Silver, have decided to re-release their Metro series on current gen hardware. Diarmuid is happy to confirm that this revisit is worth experiencing – again, if applicable.

Saints Row IV – E3 Trailer: War on Humanity

See the new dramatically dramatic trailer for the most over the top game of the year! This tells us nothing of the game apart from it seeming to be Saints Row’s take on the Matrix, but who cares? The trailer’s hilarious and over the top, which should tell you EVERYTHING you need to know ahead […]

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