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Going Digital

With the next-generation incoming, I have made two decisions so far – I will be getting a PS4 and I will be ‘going digital’.

BRB UK 37: Jon Bon Brady

Well, Halo there, ladies and gents! It’s been yet another busy week with the continuing Flood of games – and rather than let them run rings (geddit?) around us, we’ve jolly well gone and played them.

Trailer: Dead or Alive 5 – Tag Team Action

Grab a buddy and head into the arena, Dead or Alive 5 tag team is live!

BRB UK 20: Warp Factor 9

As is their want, Dan, Jon and Tim return to the digital airwaves for yet another thrillingly British discourse on the week’s video gaming news – in addition to a slight smattering of churlish humour.

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