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Review: Dark Souls 2 (Updated)

Dark Souls 2 is the latest addition to the cult hit Souls series, a series that only two years ago was barely recognised in the majority of gaming circles.

Dark Souls 2 – What Has Changed?

Kev explains a few of the most notable changes between Dark Souls 2 and its predecessor, and introduces the game’s hub area, all without spoiling content.

The Backlog: Demon’s Souls

I hate that it took me four years to play Demon’s Souls to completion, but I’m glad I did in the end.

BRB UK 92: Effective Denim Protection

BRB UK returns to regular service with Jon! But no Dan. Sorry about that. We’ve got Flappy Bird though.

Preview: Dark Souls II

Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls have become legendary in terms of their difficulty – with those who have completed them earning respect from the many other gamers they associate with.

Trailer: Dark Souls II – Cursed

The only curse I’m aware of is the foul language escaping from my mouth every time I remember this game is still several weeks away.

Dark Souls II – Forging a Hero (Behind the Scenes)

In Dark Souls 2, fearless adventurers will don the armour of a new hero. To bring that armour to life, Namco Bandai asked armour specialists Armedia to recreate his armour…

Dark Souls II – Forging a Hero Teaser

A new hero is born from the forges of steel and fire. Are you ready to meet him?

Dark Souls II – E3 Trailer

Are you ready to experience the Dark Souls addiction again? Dark Souls II brings a new game engine for improved combat, design, sound, lighting FX, and graphic fidelity. Go Beyond Death on March 2014. I think it’s safe to say that shortly after every jump cut the knight pictured dies. Regardless it’s hardly a fair […]

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