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GRID 2 Uncovered – Live Gameplay

Codemasters community manager Lee Williams, and some of the team behind GRID 2 streamed some live gameplay on March 21st, including the first reveal of Drift mode.

F1 Race Stars – 4 New Tracks

The wacky racing F1 Race Stars has some new DLC available to download from January 8th worldwide for Xbox 360, PC and in North America for PS3. European PS3 players can download the DLC from January 9th. ┬áRace through various new locales, with unique obstacles all while fending off the other racers with the power-up […]

F1 Race Stars – Demo Trailer

The F1 Race Stars demo is available on Xbox Live and Steam today (Nov. 6th), and tomorrow (Nov. 7th) for PS3 players. You’ll get to experience first hand the power ups, as well as the DRS and KERS systems, not to mention the chance to see the “adorable” little Safety Car that Jon doesn’t shut […]

F1 Race Stars – Gameplay Trailer

A brand new trailer for F1 Race Stars features plenty of colourful gameplay footage, featuring loop-the-loops, the F1 drivers and teams, the powerups and… a gigantic Truckasaurus? You’ll also be able to have 4-player splitscreen locally, as well as 2-player splitscreen when playing online. For a hands on impression of the game, check out Jon’s […]

Preview: F1 Race Stars

Read up on why Codemasters’ shrinkified F1 title manages to out-Mario Mario Kart with some bobbleheaded celebrity stars.

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