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Kodama Featured

Review: Kodama The Tree Spirits

Matt gets all green fingered growing trees for the Kodama! Don’t worry, it’s not as weird as it sounds.

Geek Speak 65: I Snipe, You Jump

On this week’s Geek Speak, Lauren, Alex and special guest Bev talk about video games as board games, Extra Life, Diablo III and more.

Star Wars: Destiny @ EGX 2016

At EGX, Alex previews Star Wars: Destiny, an upcoming collectible dice and card game from Fantasy Flight Games that covers the entire Star Wars saga.

Smash Up @ EGX 2016

Alex got a chance to play a digital version of a well loved card game Smash Up at EGX in Birmingham. Here is a little bit about it.

Geek Speak 13: Buck Fast Duck Fat

Welcome to another episode of Geek Speak, that is still lacking in Monica, but has yet another great guest, Steve from GGS Gamer!

Our Red Hot Board Games in July 2015

It has been a few months but we are back with the next edition of Red Hot Board Games. Find out what games we have all been playing recently!

Preview: Bloxels

Bloxels, a game by Pixel Game, was a special guest on TabtleTop Tuesday. Alex got a chance to play and here are her thoughts.

Big Red Barrel Goes to UK Games Expo

Alex has ventured to Birmingham to attend UK Games Expo, the biggest tabletop show in UK which is getting bigger and better every year!

Our Red Hot Board Games in May 2015

Join us for the first edition of Big Red Board Games, a nice safe place for us all to discuss board games without any judgement!

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