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BRB UK 55: Old Snake is Old

What ho! It’s that time of the week to take a meander around the week’s gaming news with Dan, Jon and Tim – your bunch of belligerently blathering Brits. So pop on a monocle, grab a cup of tea and have a listen.

Big Red Barrelcast 5: Fully Destructible

With new releases and GDC, the Big Red Barrelcast has lots of rich buttery topics to discuss this week!

BRB UK 54: Army of Euphemisms

Pip pip! The BRB UK crew are back in full force, thanks to our resident Scot taking a break from counting Murray Mints, to take on a jam-packed wodge of gaming news.

2012 A Bad Year, But Not the End of the World

2012 was not the end of the world for video games, just a bump in the road to world domination.

What Will NOT Be At E3 2012

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2012, arguably the world’s biggest gaming expo, is just around the corner, and Tim discusses some of the more notable absences from the show floor.

Trailer: BioShock Infinite

The sky city of Columbia is a solemn place… With Explosions.

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