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The Big Red Ramble – 09/08/2013

The team are back to play the recently released Splinter Cell Blacklist! It’s really fun!

The Big Red Ramble – 09/01/2013

Kev, Dave and PacManPolarBear are playing Rayman Legends on this week’s episode of The Big Red Ramble!

The Big Red Ramble – 08/25/2013

The team are playing the most positively ridiculous release of the year, Saints Row 4!

The Big Red Ramble – 08/16/2013

Kev and Tim host an emergency mid-week edition to showcase the new Dishonored DLC – The Brigmore Witches.

The Big Red Ramble – 07/28/2013

Kev, Dave and PacManPolarBear are playing Kickstarter favourite ‘Shadowrun Returns’ this week. Join us for elves, magic, and trolls with cybernetic implants! (and Rambling, of course)

The Big Red Ramble – 07/21/2013

Kev, Dave and PMPB are back after a week off to play Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines! I assure you all, the weird vertical split thing gets fixed fairly early on.

The Big Red Ramble – 07/07/2013

Kev, Dave and PacManPolarBear are playing the excellent Rogue Legacy this week. As well as chatting about completely random nonsense, obviously.

The Big Red Ramble – 06/30/2013

The Big Red Ramble is back! And this week Kev, Dave and Pacman talk some mess over Relic’s Company Of Heroes 2.

The Big Red Ramble Returns! And Now We’re LIVE!

We’ve all missed The Big Red Ramble around here at BRB. It took a long break while we figured out what to do with it.

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