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Big Red Ramble: LEGO Worlds – Part 1

When we got our hands on a LEGO game that doesn’t resemble any of TT Game’s previous brick-based titles, we obviously gave it to our giant man-child Coleman to take a look at. Click to Subscribe ►

Big Red Ramble: WWE 2K17

As WWE leaves the Royal Rumble and makes its easy down the road to Wrestlemania, fans are getting hyped for the biggest night in Sports Entertainment. Fans like Coleman, a man who has devoted way too much of his time to men sweaty men in tights. This is WWE 2K17 and we’re going to take […]

Big Red Ramble: Move or Die

It’s time for battle with Coleman, Kev, Diarmuid & Bleezey all going head-to-head in a massive session of Move or Die. To see other BigRedRambles and more from BRB TV, check out our YouTube channel.

Big Red Ramble: Mother Russia Bleeds

Mother Russia Bleeds is one of the goriest, bloodiest and well… awesome looking beat ’em ups ever made. So it only makes sense that we get one of the sickest, most deranged gamers on Team BRB to play it. Of course we’re talking about Reuben. Click to Subscribe ►

BigRedRamble: Resident Evil VII Beginning Hour

Hey… Stop chucking babies! It’s the return of the BigRedRamble and this episode sees Coleman trying to man up for Resident Evil VII: Beginning hour. To see other BigRedRambles and more from BRB TV, check out our YouTube channel.

Big Red Ramble: Xbox One Edition

Welcome to the next generation as the future is here and it brought the Xbox One with it. Join Kev & PMPB as they take a tour of Microsoft’s new system and what it has to offer. Click to Subscribe ►

Big Red Ramble: Battlefield 4 (Open Beta)

Finally we are a threesome again! And this week we played Battlefield 4’s open beta. And I could not have played ANY WORSE. …Hilarity ensues.

Big Red Ramble: Eldritch

Kev and PacManPolarBear play the upcoming first-person rogue-like, Eldritch!

Big Red Ramble: Aliens Vs. Preditor 2

Kev and PacManPolarBear are down to a dynamic duo this week, but that doesn’t stop the fun as we play Aliens Vs Predator 2! (We didn’t have Grand Theft Auto V)

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