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Dungeons of Aledorn: Interview with designer Ladislav ‘Nefarit’ Štojdl

Using classic PC and table top RPG’s as its influence, Dungeons of Aledorn is an RPG currently in development for PC aimed at the hardcore role playing fanatic.

Preview: Lumino City

The game started off as Lume, which came out in 2012 and was done for a very low budget in our free time or whatever we could spare. Lumino City is the sequel and the intended grand story.

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers: Interview with creator Jane Jensen

Kathi recently interviewed Gabriel Knight creator Jane Jensen about the upcoming Sins of the Fathers remake and her long-standing passion for adventure games.

Bedlam: Interview with author Christopher Brookmyre

At a recent BAFTA Games Showcase, Diarmuid interviewed Bedlam writer, Christopher Brookmyre.

Titanfall Interview: Abbie Heppe On Evolving the FPS Formula

Tim got the chance to have a chat with Abbie Heppe, the community manager of Respawn Entertainment to talk about the way that Titanfall differs from the games that have come before it.

Titanfall Interview: Abbie Heppe – Respawn Community Manager

Tim caught up with Abbie Heppe of Respawn Entertainment to talk about the Beta build and discuss what it is like to get a community to fall in love with a gaming franchise before it exists.

BRB UK 91: Alien Bells and Whistles

Hold on to your cravats – there’s proper, genuine, bonafide gaming news and exclusives on this week’s BRB UK!

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