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Free To Play (But Why Would You?)

Today I am here to talk about what happens when you stare a little too deep into the endless void of free to play games and nothing but darkness stares back.

R.I.P. Ryan Davis, 1979 – 2013

I never knew Ryan Davis personally, but in a way, I almost did.

The Backlog: The Smell Of F.E.A.R.

F.E.A.R. is a choice.

Hollywood, Call Me!

Movies based on video games are awesome! They are the hottest thing right now yet, unfortunately, they are not interactive enough to train kids to be killers like actual video games.

The Backlog: Adding Fuel To The Fire

In a world of Steam sales, Amazon deals, and PS+ discounts, the instant gratification of buying digital games can make it incredibly hard to actually make any progress in your pile of shame.

Gaming Origins: The Tony Hawk Series

If there is one thing I absolutely love in this world it’s the Tony Hawk games. Not all of them are winners…

Review: Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut

Deadly Premonition’s great characters and crazy story line make it a game worth playing, the problem is that it isn’t a very fun game to play.

Free To Play (Ain’t A Bad Place To Be)

Free to play games are nothing new, but with the rise of the iOS and Android marketplace games, there are more games using this model than ever before. Because of this flood there is a wide range of quality among these games

Gaming Origins: Age of Empires II

In Gaming Origins I will be talking about various games that I found to have a significant impact on the types of games I play, how I play them, and my attitude towards various genres, concepts and mechanics.

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