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Watch_Dogs – Character Trailer

Meet Watch_Dogs’ characters: Some are friends. Some are enemies. Sometimes you won’t ever know. In a city of 3 million people, you’d be surprised how few you can trust.

Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies – Gameplay Trailer

The Western Front Armies introduces two unique collections of new content – the US Forces and the German Oberkommando West. Each army has distinctive tactical gameplay options, new infantry, team weapons, vehicles, abilities and upgrades on a total of eight seasonal multiplayer maps set on the Western Front.

GRID Autosport: The Black Edition – Trailer

Once you go black, you get free stuff in a racing game… That’s the saying right?

Sniper Elite 3 – “101” Gameplay Trailer

Watch this ultimate Sniper Elite 3 preview with over four minutes of NEW gameplay footage. See the game’s emergent stealth mechanics and genre-leading ballistics first hand, and learn the tactics you’ll need to defeat Germany’s Afrika Korps.

Mario Kart 8 – More New Features Trailer

Mario Kart 8 pulls up to the starting line on 30th May 2014 and has a trunk-load of new features, characters and courses!

Child of Light – Launch Trailer

A return to the classic JRPG, Child of Light blends together platforming and turn-based combat along while providing a rich storyline, robust soundtrack and beautifully-rendered hand drawn art style. Woah, woah woah sweet Child of Light!

Wolfenstein: The New Order – Stealth vs. Mayhem Trailer

BJ Blazkowicz is the resistance’s best hope of taking down General Deathshead’s army, but how will you achieve victory? This newest gameplay trailer provides a look at alternate paths through an early chapter of the game.

DRIVECLUB – Release Date Trailer

“It’s about teamwork; it’s about everyone fighting for one another and earning rewards together – and most importantly it’s about sharing in the excitement of every race.” DriveClub is out October 7th in the US and October 8th in Europe.

Card Hunter: Attack of the Artifacts – Expansion Trailer

Attack of the Artifacts is the first expansion set for Card Hunter! It contains six challenging new adventures, new cards and over 200 new items. Check it out now at  

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