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Review: Titan Attacks!

Jon reviews the Crossbuy-enabled PlayStation port of Puppy Games’ inventive love letter to Space Invaders and finds much to like of its own invention.

Review: Nintendo Pocket Football Club

We review Nintendo’s first Western foray into football management. It strips away everything but the bare footy essentials – but has it stripped away too much?

The Backlog: Need For Speed Rivals

Jon takes a look back at Need For Speed Rivals, the racing game that dared to give you freedom on both sides of the law.

Review: Awesomenauts Assemble!

Jon reviews the Awesomenauts’ seventh-gen debut. Do Ronimo Games deserve your cash again? Or is this Naut worth your time?

Hey, That Was A Pretty Good Oscars Ceremony

Jon runs through some of the 86th Academy Awards winners and pins down why each of them was just right.

The Backlog: Assassin’s Creed III

Jon gets a bit grumpy in our post-mortem of the Assassin’s Creed series’ weakest link.

BRB UK 92: Effective Denim Protection

BRB UK returns to regular service with Jon! But no Dan. Sorry about that. We’ve got Flappy Bird though.

Big Red Barrel’s Gaming Picks for 2014

The Big Red Barrel team share some of their most anticipated games of 2014.

Five Steps To Success In Resogun

I’ve assembled a few choice broad hints and tips to help hapless space pilots everywhere stand a better chance against already unfathomably perilous odds.

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