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The Secret World Preview

The Secret World is officially out today, but I was lucky enough to get early access to the game over the weekend. One weekend’s play merely scratches the surface, but I can already let you know if this game is worth diving into.

Free-to-Play Still Has Big Issues

With games such as League of Legends, Rusty Hearts, Tribes: Ascend, Blacklight: Retribution and Super Monday Night Combat making headlines, it’s clear that people enjoy the flexibility free-to-play provides for customers. That isn’t to say that the formula is perfect — far from it actually.

The Future of MP Gaming: Free Map Packs

For those of you who don’t feel keen about reading news posts you may not have noticed an announcement regarding Starhawk. All map packs in the game will be completely free.

I’m Done Playing Betas, M’kay?

Public betas have become the bread and butter of the industry. Want to server stress your game? Beta. Want some free QA testers? Beta. Want to give off a demo while still having some bugs that need to be fixed? Beta.

Console Choice for Multi-platform Games Still Matters

Coding for the PS3 was difficult at the beginning, and, as a result, most ports from the 360 were riddled with problems. If you had both consoles at that time, the choice for most multi-platform gaming was a no-brainer: the 360.

Disc-less Xbox? Not Likely

Rumors. They make the world go round. This especially holds true in the video game industry. It seems like every day, a new, exclusive rumor pops up on a random site. While quite frequently these rumors do…

Mass Effect: Play YOUR Story, Not the “Best” Story

In the weeks before the anticipated release of Mass Effect 3, I was watching many of my friends play the first two games again. While almost all of them were playing to refresh the story, I noticed quite a few …

The Fighting Genre Needs an Overhaul

In my naivety, I decided that jumping into Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom for the Vita was a wise decision. On the brink of almost chucking my Vita through a window, I remembered why I tried to stay far away from this genre.

Sony’s Genius Vita Marketing Ploy

Today is the day. The Vita is finally released in the US, UK and just about anywhere that isn’t based in Asia. By now you have already decided if you wanted to get the WiFi-only version or try out the 3G version.

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