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Review: Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut

Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut feels right at home on the Vita. Throw on some nice headphones, turn off all the lights, and curl up into a ball as you get lost in this game.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Part 1

With the abundance of MMOs out there, what sets FFXIV:ARR apart from the rest? A few excellent choices, actually!

Preview: Battlefield 4 Commander Mode

Through some sheer luck on my part I was able to try out the commander mode for Battlefield 4 on the awesome setup available at E3. I am ecstatic that this mode is back!

E3 2013 – Preview: Warframe

In a matter of minutes I was sliding all over the place, pelting enemy after enemy with my bow and throwing knives. Both the controller and the game surprised me in an immensely positive way, and I cannot wait to try this game out once the PS4 launches.

Why Do We Play MMOs?

Oddly enough, the one thing I realize I don’t play MMOs is for the community aspect. Sure, I will join a party to run a dungeon, but apart from that, I tend to run solo, thus negating the MMO portion of my enjoyment. So why do I enjoy them?

EA in Charge of Star Wars Isn’t that Bad

If LucasArts shutting down was the capturing of Princess Leia, EA gaining the rights to make future Star Wars games must feel like the destruction of Alderaan to numerous fans.

Review: Defiance Pilot Episode

Films and video games never seem to get along. Defiance is the first TV and video game hybrid to try something completely different. Is the show any good? Well, it definitely isn’t a load of Shtako.

GYPHT: Shadow Era

Considering I had just received my ginormous order of physical cards for Shadow Era, I felt this was the most appropriate choice for my first Game You Probably Haven’t Tried (GYPHT); and I’d also thought I’d give away some freebies too!

Introducing Games You Probably Haven’t Tried

It seems like July is the month to announce new things being added to BRB. If you haven’t already had enough of our awesome goodness to consume, then you’ll be ecstatic to have this lovely addition – Games You Probably Haven’t Tried.

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