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Review: Mass Effect: Andromeda

Alex reviews BioWare’s latest game, Mass Effect Andromeda. It’s fair to say she has just a couple of thoughts.

Cookies & Booze: Alien Isolation – Part 14

Originally aired on 12/03/2017 On this episode, we try not to die (and fail), chat about voice over and Mass Effect: Andromeda. We also have a dream of finishing the game on our next stream (spoiler that doesn’t happen). Watch us play video games badly every Sunday at 9 pm UK Time on Cookies & […]

Geek Speak 85: Thinking About Thor

On Geek Speak, Fast and Furious 8, Symphony of the Machine, Colony, Thor: Ragnarok & more.

Cookies & Booze: Alien Isolation – Part 13

Originally aired on 05/03/2017 (Editor’s note: Apologies for a slight audio hiccup closer towards the end of the video) Remember that time when there was only one Alien walking around and life was tough? So… it gets tougher, like 5-6 times tougher. Watch Julia and Alex attempt to survive this. Click to Subscribe ►

Geek Speak 84.5: BAFTA Games Awards 2017

Geek Speak heads to BAFTA Games 2017.

Geek Speak 84: Good Things and Ghost in the Shell

This has been one busy week for Geek Speak hosts.

BRB @ EGX Rezzed: The Sexy Brutale

Alex previews The Sexy Brutale at EGX Rezzed, a game that has so much charm and humour that you can’t help but want to play more.

Review: The Cohort

Alex reviews The Cohort, a fast paced tactic-light set building card game based on a theme of Roman Legionnaires. Here’s what she thought about it.

Cookies & Booze: Alien Isolation – Part 12

Originally aired on 19/02/2017 In this episode, we try to figure out casting for the Last of Us movie… why? Because why wouldn’t we? Julia and Alex are also missing the Alien. Watch us play video games badly every Sunday at 9 pm UK Time on Cookies & Booze. Click to Subscribe ►

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