8Bixar – Episode 1

It’s been a long time coming but here it is! 8Bixar: Episode 1 – Mediocre Adventures In Little Kanto. Hope you all enjoy it! http://youtu.be/_by7beXpe9E

8Bixar – Test Reel

Way back in September I sent out a piece of animation to some guy who’s voice I liked listening to. Over the months that clip has been fiddled with so much that Johnny and the Devil couldn’t keep up. This is that clip. Hope you enjoy this little taste of what’s to come. Expect Episode […]

Trailer: 8Bixar – The Teaser

Not content with inhabiting your ears through the medium of podcasting Dan ‘Captain Average’ Gibbons, Tim ‘MightyMutt’ Hibbs and Jon ‘Yamster’ Brady have broken through to your screens. Expect crisp vectors and poor visual gags.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHu5xbH4kX8

BRBTV: Weekly Wrap-Up Feb 13th – 19th, 2012

Miss any BRBTV content this week? This is the place to find it! Have a look at the trailers, rambles and features handcrafted by, erm, hand by the great and the good at BigRedBarrel TV!

BRBTV Weekly Wrap-Up: Feb 6th – 12th, 2012

Welcome to the new BRBTV Weekly Wrap-Up. These will go up every Sunday and will provide you access to all links of the week’s video content in one lovely post!

Introduction to BRB-TV

Welcome to the home of BRB-TV, the signature of unique video content at BigRedBarrel.com. We will be steadily rolling out several compelling video features over the next month or two, but initially we are introducing you all to The Big Red Ramble: A ~30 minute feature in which a few staff members commentate a gameplay […]


BRB TV is the global brand for all of Big Red Barrel’s unique video content. It includes a variety of editorial style vlogging and leet’s plays as well as top quality animation and music. There will be some serious features, but the majority will be a light-hearted, good-humoured look at the world of gaming. We […]

Geek Speak 182: The Fourth Host

Jo, Diarmuid and Bleezey chat about The Lion King, The Boys, 13 Minutes to the Moon podcast and more!

BRB UK 353: Hot as Balls!

We've got Fantasy Strike, Heaven’s Vault and we've got Marvel Ultimate Flippin' Alliance 3… now that's a hot show

Geek Speak 180: Streaming Bundle Please!

Diarmuid, Sean & Alex chat Spider-Man: Far from Home, Stranger Things & Toy Story 4

New Switch, Who Dis?

Sikander discusses Nintendo's recently announced hardware refresh for the Switch and why you might want one.

Geek Speak 49: Not Laughing at Uranus

On this week's Geek Speak, Lauren, Mon and Alex talk Game of Thrones season 6, Sailor Moon, Overwatch and much more!

Geek Speak 178: Jo Doesn’t Care For Nathan Fillion

Jo, Diarmuid and Alex chat about When They See Us, Jessica Jones, The Good Fight & more!

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