SMACH Z – Announce Trailer

SMACH Z is a portable gaming console for PC games. It comes with a 6” touchscreen that is powerful enough to play AAA PC games natively in High Definition and is designed to bring mobility to the world of PC gaming.

The SMACH Z is scheduled for launch in Q4 2018 with two editions: the SMACH Z and the SMACH Z PRO.

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  1. TopSpectrum

    This is still an ongoing scam. These ruthless people still intent on stringing backers and more unsuspecting people on board for very long joyride with no finish line in sight filled with delays, missed delivery dates and deceptive (NDA bound) updates.

  2. Sad to hear. When we were looking at the video we did wonder why they had some odd effects over the game footage – wondered if it was to disguise that fact it was chugging badly.

    Has this still not delivered to Kickstarter backers then? If so I think we will pull this trailer from our site and mention on the podcast.

    • TopSpectrum in reply to Tim

      No, this Smach Z until today has not delivered. Smach Zalso could not show a working prototype as late as the end of June last month at Gamelab de Barcelona which they used the same laptop tethered mock up as shown in a hotel room during E3 2018. I suggest checking out the comment section on Smach Z’s Kickstarter campaign page. You will notice many frustrated backers there.

  3. Okay, now with the info you have added thinking best to keep this one here to serve as a warning! Will also look to call them out on the podcast but not sure why they are still pushing out adverts for it = /

  4. TopSpectrum

    I also suggest reading this You can use a language translator from Google itself. the journalists spotted something that others missed about their demo with the development board hooked up to the TV. That development board is the source of their advertised benchmarks. Surprisingly also the journalists revealed something even more interesting which is that AMD will not start production of Ryzen Embedded V1605B until July this year. This somewhat makes their previous delivery deadline of May very dubiously fraudulent. They have since revised to September but without a working prototype and only three months to go that delivery deadline is looking doubtful. As for the updates in their private forum, there is always bad news or more delays. This is why they hide the updates and force NDA on backers.

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