Big Red Flix 91: Guardians Of The Galaxy (Part 1)

Welcome back for another episode of Big Red Flix,’s movie podcast. This week, Dave, Jitterbug and Yoshifett break down Guardians Of The Galaxy. WARNING! THERE BE SPOILERS AHEAD!

Check back next week for an all new episode of BRB Flix.


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  1. ImpulseRev

    oh man cant wait to listen to this when I get of work!!!

  2. shakysnake

    Seems like Yoshi went to Guardians movie with his hipster hat on. And i guess Jitterbug went with little venom. (:P)

    I dont know which D-Bag said the movie is this gens Starwars. This one cant be compared nor held as high or as beloved as starwars.

  3. shakysnake

    This a very very watchable movie 🙂

  4. I don’t know why you’d think that Yoshi had a hipster hat on. He expressed multiple times that he really liked the movie, but was cognizant of the problems within it. Does he have to express pure unadulterated joy and appreciation of the things other people like to be considered a non-hipster? Isn’t it okay to have an opinion that differs from other people? Or does that just automatically turn someone into a hipster? Honestly, it’s starting to feel like ‘Hipster’ has become a label slapped on anyone who doesn’t conform to popular opinion on everything.

  5. shakysnake

    i thought i meant it in a teasing way… with no other intentions and not to be taken seriously. I guess i need to lookout the way i comment 🙂

  6. No worries. Yoshi just gets called a hipster all the time, and 99% of the time I don’t understand why. It’s gotten sort of out of hand at this point.

  7. bmulligan69

    I’m no doubt older than most of you and definitely not as “hip” as Yoshi, but this movie had me from “Come and Get Your Love”. I grew up listening to these songs, so the emotional core really hit home with me. My 14 year old liked it and he doesn’t like much of anything. My 8 year old thought it was kinda violent, but loved the raccoon. I immediately bought the soundtrack when I got home.

    It wasn’t epic, or magical, or even moderately serious like Star Wars. It was the complete opposite: somewhat sappy, implausibly silly, and ultimately, fun. I left the theater with my 2 kids feeling like I got my money’s worth of a good time. I can’t wait for a sequel.

  8. spielfreak

    I have noticed that, in general, people are losing the ability to gauge the value of most artistic work themselves. They need to be told if something is good or not, as they don’t feel able to judge for themselves.

    This is very apparent if you go to any live theatre. People will get up and give a standing ovation to the most average production, just because they think they should and don’t know any better.

    I blame cuts to arts instruction in general across North America – I am Canadian, so I can’t comment on the US, but I can see that it is definitely getting worse here.


  9. shakysnake


    thats maybe because how hectic and complex people jobs,lives have become. On top of that we are living in a time period filled with all time high number of distractions. when people have time to spare, they can think critically and appreciate art.

  10. bmulligan69

    it’s a goddamned comic book movie. It doesn’t have to be appreciated like art. Just have some fun, eat some popcorn and maybe be entertained for 2 hours. everything doesn’t have to matter that much – unless you’re a hipster…

  11. I enjoyed it, but agree that it’s not TEH TOATAL AWEZUMZ. I had fun and my wife, who is not a comic book fan,at all thought it was highly entertaining as well.

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