BRB Boom 50: CTRL F Urine

It’s time, once again, to put boom in your boom and listen to BRB Boom. After a few moments with Samusfett and Yoshi; DogsDie, Smelly Pirate and Yoshifett have geekgasms as they geek out about Summer TV,, The Last Of Us, subtitles, and whatever random topics come to mind.

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  1. Great new episode guys, some very mild humour with SamusFett, but the real meat and potatoes was with the original Boom.

    “American” Football always confused me… at least with “soccer” they’re using their feet like, all the time to kick the ball. American Football is then running around with the ball in their arms – How is “armoured rugby” football? ;) Oh, and Cleats are actually the studs under the shoe, the shoe itself is called a football boot.…..eat_(shoe)

    I’m just sayin’ – I don’t even like sports O_o so I don’t even know why I cared to write that :p

    Anyway, great show again, thanks guys – always the highlight of my week. I’ll probably listen to this episode another 4 or 5 times before the next episode comes out as I usually hear lots of little things I didn’t hear other times. I’ll be around on twitter anyways, so I can always tweet to you between episodes!


  2. “Criming” is my new fav street slang.

  3. shakysnake

    Its nice to hear samusfett, nice episode. Hmm just now noticed, we dont have enough female hosts and guests.

  4. Yoshifett

    Prime said
    Great new episode guys, some very mild humour with SamusFett, but the real meat and potatoes was with the original Boom.

    I think that was more my bad than hers. I was strangely subdued, but she was game, especially with her remarks about Hernandez. It looks like we might have TWO parody songs next week so look out!

  5. Dangerous Brian

    Long time listener, first (I think) time poster.

    It was refreshing to hear a female voice on a BRB podcast.

    Just to prove Dave WAS listening, the title is Ctrl F Urine.

    In answer to Shakysnake’s post, I hate to sound sexist but the Video Games industry is male dominated. It’s just one of those sad facts. Besides, we do have female bloggers but one of them dared to voice an opinion and got slaughtered for it. Proof that even BRB isn’t/wasn’t completely troll free.

  6. ThaJM

    The show started of a bit shaky, but the Fetts quickly struck up a nice repartee, really enjoyed your chat.

    Everyone should check out Girl Talk btw, really good mash-up dj (Black sabbath + rap never sounded this good). You can download his albums for free (or pay what you want) here:

    Hearing you guys poke fun at reminded me of, and i’m happy to report the latter website is up and well. And still unintentionally hilarious! I don’t want to offend any fellow brb fans who might be christian, but i’m gonna throw out a choice quote from their Kid Icarus:Uprising review: “My suggestion is to keep an eye out and pray before playing a game like this.”.

    It’s your first time on the Boom thread, Dangerous Brian? You’re so active on the UK thread though!

    • Dangerous Brian in reply to ThaJM

      Yeah, I never feel like I have anything interesting to say here. Besides, this is less games-based and more American, so I feel less like I belong. That said, I do enjoy listening.

  7. Brooksy068

    I do have to say that I’ve been watching the show whodunit. The show really isn’t that bad. I loved the movie clue as a kid so maybe that has something to do with it. I always love to see how the next person is going to die. You should give it another try.

  8. filetofninja

    I found the show on Stitcher.  It’s the show that I’m most excited to listen to.

    I think that DogsDie, YoshiFett, and SmellyPirate are hilarious.  I love how fast you guys are, and how frequently the previously-mentioned quips re-emerge and mutate throughout the episode.  I love the word of the day and the thugspeak.  I love how they re-emerge and are abused in hysterical ways.  I love the opinionated discussion about games.  It is direct, passionate, and authentic.  I love the fact that each one of you is proud of who he is but not so proud that he must take himself seriously 100% of the time.  I love the playful digs that YoshiFett and SamusFett dish out at each other.

    I think y’all are great.

  9. FireMuncher

    Come to me sammusfett



  10. DeanBiddler

    Just listened to the episode: Was gonna hate on Yoshi for all the Packers hate but forgave when I learned about how much hummus he licks off the top of the lid after the Green and Gold wins. Great show all, laughs were had by me.

  11. StealthyJoe

    Awesome sauce, really fun stuff and I actually liked that pre-episode with Yoshi and Sammus fett, fun stuff and I real like have Yoshi lost all control over it with Sammus taking over.

    Football – Soccer as you Americans call it – is proper football as it uses the “foot” lol and I have no really clue why the shoes in football are called boots. What I don’t like about American football is that it pretended to be rugby – I used to play rugby in school lol.

    I would like to play the last of us as I have heard so much about it and I think I would enjoy it a lot, but I don’t own a PS3 as I am a xbox fanboy and the next gen coming soon I don’t think there is much need to get a PS3, but it sounds very good, top marks everywhere need to play.

    And thanks for having me as the quote of the week lol really enjoyed it, I listen to you guys on the tube while going to work and I laughed out loud and got a few strange looks, people not appreciate others having fun on the tube, also it an explanation for my bad spelling and stuff as it is really hard to wrote a post on a phone. 

  12. Just a side note, but worth mentioning that The Last of Us was made by the same internal Naughty Dog team as Uncharted 2 – although I would have thought there was some cross-over between the teams too. While 3 was still a great game, I don’t think it quite scaled the heights that 2 reached. Really need to find some time to finish TLOU too hmmm


    Also, Soccer isn’t a word, means nothing and just a way of identifying foreign fools who like using phrases that are 100 years out of date tongue It is just a bastardisation of the word “Association” as in “Association Football” which is the governing body of football – except the name changed to the “Football Association” before the turn of the 20th century! Also, football boots are so called as the original design was larger leather boots that covered and protected the ankles. Modern boot design has moved over to much more of a shoe style – and the next time someone gets a serious foot injury it will probably re-open the debate that “modern day boots don’t offer enough protection” – again! thumb


    Good show as always, I remain a fan and like Samusfett’s guest appearances happy

  13. eldertaco

    Loved “The Last of Us”. Enjoyed singing Backpack backpack… everytime I needed to craft a shank. Too much Dora with my daughter.  

  14. Leobenmc

    For you ‘Girl Talk’ fans:

  15. The Jack Of Hearts

    Shamalama boom! I enjoyed this episode greatly.

  16. Love how many people are into Girl Talk.  I spread the word at work all the time.  Have gotten lots of people into it.


    Thanks for the comments everyone =) I’ll try to post more, but I always read these comments and love hearing from you guys thumb

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