BRB Boom 48: Partly Cloudy With A Chance Of Stupid Questions

It’s time, once again, to put boom in your boom and listen to BRB Boom. This week, DogsDie, Smelly Pirate and Yoshifett have geekgasms as they geek out about the Xbox One price, next-gen fantasy sports, data loss, KOTOR on the iPad, the worst commissioner in sports, and games that made the Boom gamers.

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  1. Smelly Pirate says: “Smelly Pirate says: ‘Eff you, BRB Forums.'” and Yoshi says “And, Dave.” 

  2. Greggoweggoleggo

    Well, I mean there was audio in this episode for sure…… 

  3. DeanBiddler

    What are you and Yoshi going to be/are listening to in the Sweaty South? 213? Tribe Called Quest? 2Pac? King M.C.? Cypress Hill? Maybe Wu-Tang?

  4. Marksman Shrimp

    Wow, quiet one this week huh? It was a great show, one of the most fun to listen to since SamusFett guest hosted, and I’m sure Smelly and Yoshi have been all manner of mormon fun with each other ever since. Shoutout to that Geronimo Jackson T-shirt tho for real.

  5. Ploogle


  6. Brooksy068

    I’m so bummed out.  I’ve been trying to log on all day and I just had to create a new account so I could comment.  So much for being a member since jan. 2012.  🙁  bummer.  Anyway…I wanted to make a comment about the first game that made you a gamer.  I can think of two.  My uncle had a bally system and had a game called wizard.    It was just a single maze like screen (think pac man) and you went around shooting things.  The other on was on the same system.  It was a 2 player game.  You were in these tanks on opposite sides of the screen and you took turns shooting at each other.  You had to take in to account the wind speed and stuff.  It was so fun.  I could talk all day about old games.  How about those old adventure games where you had to type in commands.  So frustrating sometimes.  Lol. Anyway that was a great show.

  7. BilboTeabaggins


    I found a T-Shirt all about your favourite actor in Star Trek.

    As for the whole, first game that made you a gamer thing that you said about in my ears. Mine is probably Road Rash 2. I still remember being neck and neck with my dad heading into the home straight and beating his ass off that bike with a chain to take 1st place. I was a vicious kid.

    I did not know KotOR was available on the iPad though so I’ll be stealing that from my Mum now. :)

  8. JLV

    Posting this from my phone, doubt it’ll go through. 


    I’m being a few podcasts because I don’t have home internet at the moment. But i’m at starbucks right now getting caught up on the downloads. 


    I’m excited, I love you guys. 


    All the BRB podcasts work wonders for playing on the long car rides I’ve had lately. And ya’ll always cheer me up when I’m not feeling 100%. 


    Never stop. Never that. 

  9. shakysnake

    increasing the post count in reply to Smelly’s threat in 49th episode

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